May 14, 2011

Lions and Tigers and Bears OH MY!

aka my 5K at the Zoo :)

Remember my mantra last week that got me through two of my fastest runs in awhile?  (I mean Miss Teacher fast, not Boston fast...)

You've. Freakin'. Got. This.

Turns out I do freakin' got this.  <-- The English-y part of me just died a little bit inside typing that sentence, but right now I couldn't care less because....

I have a new 5K PR that blows last summer's PR 
outta the WATER!

I'm slow...super slow.  Last summer I ran my first two (ever) 5Ks finishing around 34:30ish for both.  My goal for this summer was to come finish a 5K in under 33 minutes.  I thought *maybe* I could accomplish that this morning at the Brookfield Zoo Run Wild 5K.  But when I woke up to 40 degree weather, dark skies, and a forecast of thunderstorms all day...that hope pretty much disappeared.  Add an incredibly sneezy nose (thanks allergies...) and a slightly off tummy to the mix and I was wondering if I should just call it a day and go back to bed.  Thankfully the cheap part of me that hates to waste race registration fees got myself outta bed and into the car.

Luckily the rain held off and the weather turned out to be *just* cool enough to run a fast and minimally-sweaty race!  I set my garmin to show my average pace on the main screen and focused on keeping it under 11 minutes.  When it showed a 10:30 average pace after the first mile, I knew I had this thing in the bag.

After passing a tiger, some zebras, a few camels, and a variety of other zoo residents, by the time I was nearing the 3 mile mark I was ready to pass some RUNNERS!  After a strong sprint to the finish, I looked down at my garmin and saw...


YESSS!!!  So. Happy.  No, it's not a fast time.  Yes, people were passing me too.  No, I will never be fast.  But I'm pretty darn thrilled about my time because not only did it destroy my previous PR, but I paced myself well and finished strong.  I guess I need a new summer goal!!  30 minutes, anyone??  Or maybe just to make it through half training uninjured. :)

Post-race snacks were zoo-themed including cracker jack!  I was most excited to see these...
 Yes, vegetarians eat animal crackers. :)  Unfortunately because of the chilly weather Amanda and I didn't feel like hanging around the zoo even though we were allowed to stay as long as we wanted to check out the animals and exhibits.  In a throw-back to our college days, we elected instead to head home to this mess of blankets and watch some mindless TV.  Real Housewives of New York, anyone???

Post-race refueling included a soy latte and reeses pieces...that counts for carbs and protein, right???
I'm off to foam roll these perpetually tight calves and IT bands while watching Glee (my new OBSESSION)...Hope your Saturday is wonderful!

What's your guilty pleasure TV?  What races are you getting excited for?


  1. holy PR batman!!!
    congratulations on an amazing race miss teacher!!!!!

  2. EEEEEEK CONGRATS!!! girl I will never be fast either...the thing is you are out there doing it and a PR is a PR...and crossing a finish line feels so good! way to go! excited for you!

  3. Fantastic! In my book you ran a fast race. I never ran that time on a 5K. I'm a slow runner too.

    I absolutely love Glee! We are a few episodes behind on you (saw Original song last week). I have a lot of the music on my Ipod too.

    I don't have races in the near future planned yet. First one is in September but I did work out my training plan for it yesterday and look forward to starting it.


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