May 4, 2011

Serious Issues.

No, these aren't MY issues we're talking about for a change...although I certainly have a lot of them (or "ish" as my college roomie and I like to call them)! :)  Today I am going to share some of the SERIOUS day to day issues plaguing 5th graders.  After a long and exhausting institite half-day today, my team and I were getting a bit silly as we munched chocolate covered espresso beans when I happened to discover Mrs. Mentor Teacher's long forgotten "issue bin" which had been instituted early in the year by Mrs. Social Worker and completely abandoned.  Taking a quick peek inside, I noticed that it was PACKED with issues.  Of course we took this as a sign to immediately stop all work (or stop pretending we were working) and read them all.  

Cue hysterics.  Every "issue" topped the last, and Mrs. Mentor Teacher attempted to identify her students' handwriting on them since they hadn't written names...which makes it pretty hard to solve any of the issues!

Some of our favorites...(now remember, these are VERY SERIOUS issues and must be taken VERY SERIOUSLY.

 "Somebody make me frown"

 "No one has respect"
Our response: You are right.

 "Someone keeps on staring at me."
Very specific.  We'll get right on that.

 "I think some people need to use a steerch ball to cuntrell there anger."
(Spelling original) ^My personal favorite.  Not so much an issue as a suggestion...

 "the New girl"

"I Have A Issue with the people in Front of me"

Anyways, after a LONG LONG LONG day, these certainly lightened the mood. :)

Note:  Please don't think I'm a bad teacher or a bad person.  I take issues of bullying very seriously in my classroom.  But you have to admit, this is pretty hilarious...


  1. I have tears rolling down my face from reading this. The whole "she's staring at me" thing blows my mind. STOP LOOKING BACK AT THEM!!!!!! haha.
    Thank you sooo much for sharing this AND using original spelling. It ALWAYS makes it to much better!

  2. LMAO! No one has ever put anything in my little box except one kid who put "This class sucks."

  3. You just made my night. I love fifth graders.

  4. bahahaha. awesome. love this!

  5. I don't remember doing stuff like this in 5th grade! Crazy kids and their original spelling...


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