May 27, 2011

My Attempt at Optimism

Is my glass of pinot grigio half-full or half-empty?

I'm not going to lie.  Right now, I'm in a half-empty kind of mood.  Hence the need for a glass of pinot grigio to take the edge off of a looong week...While I am completely exhausted by school, that's to be expected by this point and there is definitely an end in (near!) sight, and it not what's causing my emo-ness.

What's bumming me out this weekend is the fact that, after I had finally allowed myself to believe that I just might be in the clear in terms of running injuries, BOTH of my IT bands decided to act up this week.  By act up I mean tighten up like WHOA causing knee pain in both knees and some fun muscle tenderness that I just can't run through.  It has been injury after injury for me lately, and I can't help but just think, "Well, I had a couple good weeks there, right?  I guess that's all I have in me..."  I'm trying my best not to wallow too much and to stay optimistic, but I'll admit that I have already cried twice this week over this.  :(

Okay, now that that's outta the way, on to the optimism I promised.  Things to be happy about:

  • That the pain I was feeling in my knee is not some new joint/bone problem.  I guess I'd rather an old issue resurface than enjoy the fun in taking on something new!
  • It is still early in my training and a few missed runs right now aren't the end of the world.
  • I have good insurance that will cover physical therapy as soon as I jump through the hoops of seeing my primary care doctor (again...) and waiting for a referral.
It's a short list, but it's a start.  And now, some optimistic quotes because that always makes me feel better. :)

Believe in yourself and all that you are.
Know that there is something inside you
that is greater than any obstacle.
Christian D. Larson

My definition of optimism is simply the belief that setbacks are normal
and can be overcome by your own actions.
Martin Seligman


  1. I am SO sorry to hear this! I know how frustrated you are--I felt the same way once I got injured in March. Just felt like one thing after deserve that glass of wine for sure! I am thinking about you and hoping for a speedy recovery and I hope the doctor/referral process goes quickly/smoothly!

  2. Hey girl. Sorry to hear this. I get it! It can be really hard to find that optimistic side. Thinking of you and I promise that if you wait it out, play it smart and try (as hard as it is) to find beauty in something crummy like this, you will be stronger for it! promise. xo

  3. It's hard to be positive sometimes. I hope your injuries aren't too serious.

  4. Oh no!! That's so rough!! Good for you for trying to stay positive! :)


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