June 1, 2011

The wallow stops HERE.

I've been a little bit MIA lately with blogging...I could lie to you and say it was because I am super busy and productive...but I'm positive you would somehow find out that I was the LAZIEST of the lazies this past weekend.  Seriously.  I watched like 20 episodes of Glee between Friday and yesterday.  It got kind of out of hand...but I just HAD to see the next episode!!  Fabulous Big Brother let me "borrow" his Hulu Plus login to catch up on season 2, and I wasted NO TIME powering through the entire season.  SO. GOOD.  I loved it!

I'm not gonna lie, my absence of posting and ultimate laziness has been fueled in part by the fact that I have been in a state of wallowing since my IT bands started acting up again like crazy.  (My calf muscles are a bit knotty too to tell ya the truth...but I'll take that ANY DAY over the IT bands...)  I've decided though that ENOUGH IS ENOUGH with wallowing.  I can still do many things, this could be so so so much worse, I've had worse injuries before, blah blah blah.  So anyways.  I'm snapping myself outta this stat.  My legs are feeling MARGINALLY better though after loooong sessions of foam rolling.  I even made it through 3 miles yesterday with minimal pain/discomfort which is HUGE.  My knees/legs still feel off though, so I know something is still not right...we'll see what the doctor says Friday...

In any case, yesterday afternoon I celebrated my first sunscreen run of the season.  Yay!  I wear sunscreen on my face every day religiously, but yesterday was the first day I was heading out that I felt like I could just start sizzling immediately.  Fact: I fail epically at using spray-on sunscreen.  I always decide that I am super capable of spraying my own back, totally miss, and end up inhaling a big nauseating cloud of sunscreen along the way...oops.  It's reasons like this that people get married, isn't it?  Someone will be obligated to apply your sunscreen?  I knew it...

In other news, today was our LAST Girls on the Run practice of the season.  *Tear!*  It has been an amazing experience coaching these girls.  I was just gushing to my friend about GOTR yesterday, and it really is a program like no other.  Pretty much every girl EVER would get so much out of GOTR.  Trust me, running is only the BEGINNING!

We celebrated today with princess cupcakes...(because what ISN'T more fun when you put a crown on it???)
Coach Melinda made these!!! How awesome is she?!
And made some truly spectacular bracelets...

You know you wish you had a bracelet that is this badass.  Saturday is our eagerly anticipated 5K race!  I am super pumped to get decked out in pink, put on a tiara, and run with my girls.  (Well, hobble maybe...hope my IT bands cooperate!!!)  I cried like 18 million times when I volunteered at the fall 5K race just from the sheer wonder and cuteness of it all...I can only imagine how emotional I will be when I actually KNOW some of the girls!  Can't. Wait.

END OF YEAR COUNTDOWN: 3 days, 2 hours... (I think I can, I think I can...)

What is your guilty pleasure TV show? 
^ I have far too many...Glee, Real Housewives of New York, and I'm embarrassed to admit it but Secret Life of the American Teenager... (but mostly to make fun of it, I swear!!)


  1. Sorry your IT band has still been giving you trouble...glad to hear it has been feeling a bit better lately! Mine acted up yesterday and I was ultra frustrated so I definitely understand!

    You are so close!! woo hoo! 3 days! and those cupcakes look sooooo delicious!

    I watch any reality tv show for hours on end.

  2. Love the GOTR program!! I so can't wait to read all about the 5k this Saturday.

    3 more days...wooohooo! I love an reality tv. The stupid Kardashians get me everytime.

    Have a great day!


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