June 23, 2011

Repeat after me: "You weights ain't got NOTHIN on me!"

You guys know how I feel about lifting weights...
But after PT told me that I needed to add in some strength training if I ever wanted to run injury free, I decided to bite the bullet.  Yesterday, High School Friend and I braved the weight training section of the gym, which up until then had been unchartered territory for me...This is pretty much what we looked like:
Okay...maybe not QUITE like that...more like we wandered around for awhile, found a few leg machines that vaguely resemble the machines the physical therapist showed me how to use, puzzled over the instruction pictures, set them to the lowest possible weights, and did some pathetic sets.  BUT we only looked like crazy fools to the extent that a weight lifting gentlemen (who clearly was wondering HOW we managed to wander into this area) had to assist us ONE time.  Which I consider to be a success.  And no one took it upon themselves to escort us back to the cardio floor, where we clearly belonged. :)  

After a bit of lifting targeting my quads and hammys, my verdict?  I still hate lifting weights.  It's boring.  And it kinda hurts.  And not the hurt I love about a hard run.  More like a, "and why the HELL am I doing this again???" variety.  But I KNOW and UNDERSTAND the value of strength training for running, so I will stick to the PT's orders of nightly strengthening exercises and weight training 2-3 times/week.  (This doesn't mean I have to like it, though!!)

And you guys were right, it wasn't as embarrassing or as intimidating as I'd convinced myself.  Just like I could care less when people are walking or running REALLY slowly on a treadmill near me, I doubt anyone cared that I was lifting ridiculously small amounts of weights.  And no one pointed and laughed, which is always a win. :)

What fears have you conquered lately?


  1. Good job girl! At least you had a partner in crime, that always seems to help. :)

    Just keep working on it and once you start to see they results you will start loving it. baby steps.

  2. yay!! so excited for you that you basically rocked the weight lifting :) I am the same way...I always avoid the weight area feeling like the "buff gym guys" are going to kick me out or something and then I get over there, get in a zone and just feel so good after!

    Some fears I conquered in the past month were those surrounding my comprehensive exam oral defenses...I HATE public speaking so they were definitely anxiety provoking but it feels so good to have made it to the other side of them!

  3. Yay for conquering your fear!! I find lifting any kind of weights to be highly unpleasant :) Good for you for keeping at it!!


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