June 6, 2011

Night Run :)

Things to be grateful for tonight:

  • Last day of school tomorrow!!  AND it's only 2 hours!  (Thank goodness!)
  • My IT bands which held up through my run tonight!!!  My garmin was acting up, but I'm guessing that I went 4.2 miles based on time--longest distance yet since round 2 of the IT band debacle!
  • My handheld water bottle and the gatorade I filled it with.  Thank goodness I had the foresight to take it with because even though my run was under an hour and after dark, it was still about 90 degrees out!!!
  • My calves!  I had almost NO calf pain tonight even though I didn't wear compression socks/sleeves!  (I just couldn't bear the thought of pulling them on with that heat...)
I am in desperate need of a shower/sleep AND I have to throw in a load of laundry, but tonight a new mantra started running through my mind in the last (tough) mile of me run that I want to share...

Thank goodness :)

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