May 5, 2011

When in doubt, PACK IT ALL!

Um I have a problem.  As I've said before, I kind of (just *kind of*) am an over-packer...I've been known to bring the 60lb suit case on the 4 day trip or a full duffel bag for a one night stay...I can pack light when I NEED to, but let's just say I try very hard not to need to.  What can I say, isn't it better to be prepared?!?!?

Remember the huge suitcase I packed for the Disney Princess Half?  I was in Florida for 72 hours.  Trust me, I brought only the essentials...
(I may or may not have also had two carry-on items...)

But today I think I outdid myself.  I have a 3-mile run on the schedule for today and I would REALLY like to stop at the forest preserve on my way home to run there...that means bringing my running stuff to school and changing before I leave.  No big deal, right?  I go straight to the gym after school all the time!  Pick an outfit, toss it in the bag, throw it in the trunk...not rocket science.

Well, with the way the weather has been lately here in the mid-west (aka having a complete identity crisis about which season it is), there is no telling what temperature it will be after school.  Which means I am suddenly packing enough running clothes to last me a few weeks:
My ridiculously full duffel bag, packed for ONE short run.  My life is a joke.

I may or may not have 4 different tops in here and 3 different bottoms...and that is after eliminating a few things.  Oh and as usual I have at least 3 headbands...because one never knows...I have a problem.

(And after all this, even though it was sunny now I just saw that the weather forecast is a 90% chance of thunderstorms all afternoon.  So I will most likely be at the gym on the treadmill anyways.  Darn you spring showers...)

Are you an over-packer like me?


  1. ahhh! haha! this is awesome. I was totally thinking this same thing about myself this morning as I was packing up my I really need 3 different outfits?? haha. good luck with the run :) the title of your post is totally my life motto :)

  2. Amy, how did we not become friends earlier in life? I am pretty sure we are the same person.

  3. Ooh a rare early morning blog! What a treat. Anyways.... RUN IN THE RAIN! :) :)


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