September 3, 2011

Bad Attitudes and Good Workouts

It's been awhile!  To tell you the truth, I have been avoiding blogging.  Well, I've half been avoiding blogging and half haven't had the time or energy to blog.  I try to keep a positive, light attitude on the blog, but I haven't been feeling very positive this week.  We are back in school, and are wasting no time digging into intense curriculum.  And I'm more than a little overwhelmed.  I like my class a whole lot--they are really wonderful kids, albeit squirrely and distractable.  When I'm teaching them, I feel good.  But it's that whole other part of teaching--the planning, the data, the standards, the pressure--that's really getting to me.  I've been kind of a hot mess all week and have had a really negative attitude.  I don't really even recognize myself right now!  I know that it is rubbing off on my teammates, and that my stress-induced snippy-ness is probably rubbing people the wrong way.

The truth is, I just haven't been feeling like myself.  

One of my wonderful coworkers sat me down yesterday and had a talk with me about how I need to relax and  simplify and let some things go.  She's noticed I haven't been acting like myself lately, and is concerned that, with so many new teammates and staff in my building this year, I might be giving people the wrong impression about who I am.  Mostly she said she's worried about me.  I really thought about our talk and decided to commit to changing.  I love teaching.  I love it too much to let the "other" stuff get to me.  So I emailed my teammates and apologized for my bad attitude and let them know how much I appreciate them.  Hopefully there are no hard feelings!  I fully plan to bring you a picture-filled, positive, exciting post about the goings-on in my classroom next week!

ANYWAYS, amidst a hectic first full (loooong) week of teaching, I did manage to fit in some good workouts! Monday evening I met my Dad for a bike ride.  Dad and I have been biking together my whole life, and he has always bee way faster than me.  Dad loves long bike rides and has the endurance of a CHAMP, but he isn't into racing or anything.  He rides a hybrid, and I realized Monday that it isn't that DAD is faster than me, it was that his bike was faster than my junky mountain bike.  On my new road bike, I was faster than him!  I'm not gonna lie, it was pretty exciting! :)

Just because I am in love with my bike, here's one more picture...
Anyways, Tuesday evening I convinced my college teacher buddy Miss R to meet me for an evening run!  Miss R is brand new to running (she calls it "jogging"!), and during our run she tested out a pair of my recovery socks.  Needless to say, she loved them too. :)
Thursday we were in the midst of a random heatwave!!!  I put off my run as long as I could, but knew that I needed to head out before it really started getting dark, so I ended up starting my run at 7:30pm in close to 90 degree heat.  Ouch.  It turns out I don't really know what time it gets dark anymore, OR how isolated some parts of my route were, because I really started to get concerned after a couple miles!  Let me tell you: there is nothing like darkness and fear of being kidnapped to get you moving quickly!  I ran my fastest 3 miles since before my injury break.  By no means fast, or even fast for my slow standards, but I'm slowly getting there!
Don't mind my marker-covered fingers!  Hi, I'm a teacher...

What's a sweaty girl to do after a run but lay on a towel on the floor and watch a running documentary?  Earlier this week I watched Hood to Coast--AMAZING!  I cried the whole time.  Thanks again, XLMIC, for the giveaway!  This time, though, it was Running the Sahara.  Also amazing!  I loved it--so inspiring.  Maybe next I'll have to go old school and watch Chariots of Fire or something like that. :)

I've got a couple fun product reviews and giveaways in the works, so stay tuned!!

How do you keep a positive attitude when life gets you down?


  1. Ok so I was thinking the whole time as I was reading this what I wanted to add and say about this. I guess I want to dig deeper and figure out what caused the attitude. This is not your first year of teaching, right? So what is different this year than last? Do you feel like you are getting the time needed to unwind? Is it just the transition (which I always find hard)? Or is it just one of those weeks? I find this important way to figure out how to change your attitude. And you know what, this stuff happens, we all have these weeks so don't be too hard on yourself. Meanwhile, oo running movies I can't get enough. I watched the Sahara one already - how about Spirit of the Marathon. You have got to se that if you have not. Chariots of Fire, was not really my thing, I know I know, I just was not a fan, but Spirit of the Marathon, can't get enough!! Do you read running books - specifically the Ultra Marathoner Dean Karanzes, I am only slightly Meanwhile, congrats on 3 miles, you are totally getting there and going to be ready for our relay :)

  2. Teaching is an overwhelming job. I honestly feel that in order to do the job perfectly you need to put in about 60-70 hours a week. We just can't do that...we could never do the job perfectly each day.
    At my school we have a lot of new people this year, district changes, and a higher level of "pressure".
    I have been having the same type of difficulty staying positive and keep my stress low. This week I had to finally come to the realization that I am there for one solid reason; the kids. I'm trying my best to focus on them and being the positive person they need to see every morning. The great thing about them is they don't expect me to be perfect, I love them for that.


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