September 11, 2011

Weekend Update Plus a Bondi Band WINNER!

Thank you to those of you who entered my Bondi Band giveaway!  I enjoyed reading about all of your struggles with controlling your hair while running!  I guess I am not alone in this battle!! :)  The winner of the bondi band is...
#6 ShanMall!  Email me at juiceboxesandcrayolas AT gmail DOT com to claim your prize!!

Yesterday afternoon (after a 3.25 mile run!) I jumped in my car and got on the road to visit Best Friend at grad school.  We had so much fun!  Saturday afternoon we enjoyed the GORGEOUS weather walking around the city, drinking iced coffee, shopping in boutiques and vintage resale shops, and just relaxing on a bench on a hill overlooking the city and catching up on life.  

 That evening we stuffed ourselves on (veggie) burgers and fries at a pub while sipping microbrews...
And ended the night on a patio with these pretty drinks...
Lovely.  I was sad to leave today, but Best Friend was kind enough to put me in the car with a red velvet cupcake and fork!  She's pretty great, huh?  You better believe this thing was devoured on the way home, despite the fact that I was still stuffed from breakfast.  
Now that I'm home, I'm procrastinating starting in on what's left of my schoolwork for the couch and book are calling my name... ;)

What was beautiful about your weekend?


  1. delicious :) A much needed getaway from what I suspect has been a stressful first couple of weeks to start the new school year!

  2. YuM!!! So good. Glad you had a great weekend. What is not great when it involves cupcakes and martinis. good choices!


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