September 9, 2011

Did you enter my Bondi Band giveaway yet???  It ends tomorrow at midnight--What are you waiting for?!?

Phew!  Guys, it's been another long week!  But a much better one.  Last week I was kind of a wreck...  This week I was slightly less of a wreck!  Don't get me wrong, things are still crazy, and it's not just me that's been a disaster.  I think at least one of my coworkers has been crying everyday this week!  Thankfully, I have been in a much better place, and yes, I've had a much better attitude.

Here's the thing--pretty much everything is way different at my school this year than last year, which is a GOOD thing.  I've talked before about how I teach at a low-income school and about all of the challenges that come with that.  Our district is otherwise relatively high-performing, so our test scores are always at the BOTTOM of the rankings.  We have new administration this year and they are determined to turn things around.  I'll be the first to tell you that these changes are much needed and I am 100% on board, but it's a LOT to keep up with!

This week featured highlights including a couple 12+ hour days at school, a late curriculum night yesterday, and a fender bender Thursday morning on my way to school for back to back meetings...don't worry, I'm totally fine and miraculously my car is too.  I rear-ended another car--totally my fault.  Hello ticket, insurance deductible, and likely raised insurance rates!  Oh well, it happens!  Thankfully everyone is safe.  (How my Prius stood up to another car and came out unscathed, I will never understand...)  After all of that, I am so relieved that it's Friday!  (Cut to me singing Rebecca Black with my students this morning, "It's Friday, Friday, gotta get down on Friday!" <--Come on, one of the best parts of teaching is getting to act like a kiddo myself sometimes!!)  I'm so excited that tomorrow I am visiting Best Friend!  She recently moved from Big City to slightly further away Less Big City for grad school.

Did you guys know I was BLONDE until college??  I am NEVER going back!

Because I'd prefer not to be stressing over school while catching up with Best Friend, I decided to get my lesson plans done tonight....but I won't lie to you, I did enjoy my favorite beer while working!
 Don't worry, I'm a responsible teacher and stuck to just one... I didn't want to end up like Glee's beloved Mr. Schu!

Anyways, I'm off to watch some high quality TLC Friday night programming. :) Gosh, when did I get so cool???  Tomorrow it's up early to run, do errands, and jump in the car to start my adventure!  Can't wait!  Before I go, though, I will leave you with this adorable gem one of my struggling readers wrote for me the first week of school...
Sorry for the pathetic blackberry photo...The first day at school I met my teacher there's a lot of things about Miss Teacher she sweet, caring, kind, cool, best teacher ever in in school, she let us eat snack, love student, and let us have recess.  How do you get to school.
^My personal favorite part is her asking me how to get to kids.

Happy Friday!  What are your plans this weekend?


  1. Glad your week was better. Have a great time this weekend! :)

  2. It is SOO encouraging to hear that your new administration is dedicated to help improve your school. I really believe that most of the success my school has had is due to strong leadership we have through our current administration.

  3. awww! i can only imagine how crazy the start of a new year is...glad to hear things are calming down. sounds like it is shaping up to be another great year :)


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