December 27, 2011

Dos & Don'ts for a Wonderful Winter Break

1. DON'T open that bag of school work, at least until the last hours of break.

2. DO let yourself get caught up in a pretty great book.  Feel free to ignore anything and anyone that has the audacity to try to interrupt your reading.
LOVED this book! (source)
3. DON'T think about the calories.  

4. DO take on a craft project...
(Finally attempting to fill some of the white walls in my apartment!)

 5. DON'T be afraid to skip a workout or two in favor of things like shopping, family time, or just laying around on the couch watching Mad Men..
6. DO still make time for running, even in cold, winds, or on Christmas morning.
Bundle up!

7. DON'T feel obligated to change out of your pajamas at a reasonable hour.  (Let's be real, I was in mine until 2 today...)

8. DO surprise yourself.  Like I did today by running what I'd planed to be an easy 3 miles in under 30 minutes, a personal record for me!

9. DON'T take down your Christmas tree too early. 
(Even if it's miniature and undecorated like mine!)

10. DO watch plenty of Christmas movies, preferably childhood favorites. 
Can't beat original Disney Christmas cartoons...

11. DO indulge.

 12.  DO spend every waking minute that you aren't on the couch watching Mad Men with friends and family.
Yes, our scarves are all tied the same way...we may have just looked at a Pin to learn a new way of tying them...I know, we are the coolest...

What are your Dos and Don'ts for Winter Break? (Or just for the holiday season if you don't get a winter break!)


  1. Love this list.

    Do take a short nap a day or at least stretch out on the couch and read.

    Don't worry when you can't get into school because they are waxing the floors. Stop thinking about the school work you need to do.

    Do take your time swimming as you don't have to hurry to get to work.

  2. Don't look at the clock. It's never to early for wine or too late for coffee.
    Do your research. There are fab sales going on right now!!

  3. I would amend #1 to don't even bring that teacher bag HOME over break :)

  4. Ha ha! Excellent advice. DO spends hours and hours blogging!

    My Running Shortz

  5. Sounds like you had a fantastic winter break! I love the melting snowman cookie. Too cute!

  6. Hi Amy:
    I've been blog-stalking for a while (and even been a follower for a few months), but I am jumping out to say HI!

    I love this post. I did bring home school stuff... and now I am on "vacation," and brought some with me... but I haven't looked at it YET!

    I got THREE new pairs of PJs for Christmas. I am going to make sure to "try them all out" to make sure they meet all of the requirements for comfortable relaxing! I've accomplished several other items on your list which has become my "Vacation Must Do List" for the next few days!

    Hope the rest of your break is DELIGHTFUL! Congrats on your "3 in under 30." Good for you!

    Finding JOY in 6th Grade

  7. The big one for me is DO sleep as late as you want! I've done 18 hours in a day before.

    DO indulge in guilty pleasures, things you normally "don't have time" to do - for me, that's paint by numbers, bad TV, and browsing through knitting patterns online.

    DON'T compare this break or this holiday to all of the ones past, DO appreciate it for its own merits. This year will be different from last year, and next year will also be different.

    Elmo here, btw. And I think it's your turn to write!

  8. As I write this I am steadfastly ignoring the bag of work stuff in the corner and am still in my PJs! Hurrah for break!

  9. This was great. I may have to do my own post about this! Happy Holidays!

  10. Cute list. I stayed in my PJ's all day. Glad to see that on your DO list.

    Yearn to Learn Blog


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