December 30, 2011

Race Junkie

I already talked about a few 2011 races in my 11 in '11 post the other day, but I felt it was necessary to dedicate a post just to my 2011 races, since I ended up running 12 of them!!!  Granted, they were mostly 5Ks (after my summer of injury and a summer half-marathon-that-wasn't, I went 5K CRAZY to fill the distance racing void!), but there were a lot of good ones.
Weirdest Venue: Definitely the 5K my friend Katy and I ran through a corn maze! This one was fun, but I don't think I need to run another corn maze race...holy sharp turns!  Sorry, ankles...
Most Bizarre Theme: Hands down, this was the squirrel-themed 15K Lauren and I ran in June.  That was also probably one of the prettiest races I've run--a total small-town race, it was on a running trail through fields and farms.  Loved it!  Loved running with Lauren too!  (This race should also get an award for best outfit.  Lauren and I not only had matching tank tops and glittering tiaras, but also had inspirational messages on our backs.  LOVE.)
Dig Deep to the Finish: This was for sure the Trick or Treat Trot 10K.  My IT bands tightened up like CRAZY, the wind was blowing, and it was cold.  I still finished and with a faster-than-expected time too!
Sorry, no pics of this race!
Most Emotional:  Is anyone else an emotional runner??  During a tough run, I could cry at any given moment, and not just tears of pain!  This award goes to the Disney Princess 1/2 Marathon. I think I cried like 100 times during this race, mostly from the "In Memory" pictures and sayings on the back of people's shirts!
Can you tell I'm an emotional basket case in this picture?  I'm about to either collapse or burst into tears.  Thanks for spectating, Older Brother!
Cutest Race Ever: This one definitely goes to the Girls on the Run 5K.  Tiaras, pink, cute medals, and running the whole thing with a 10 year old?  Yes please.
Obv this isn't the 10 year old I ran with--it's one of my lovely co-coaches, Melinda!  
"Holy #&^% my @*& is FROZEN!": Oh gosh.  For sure the Cross Country Challenge 5-mile run Katy and I did.  Umm no one told us that we'd need to wade through a freezing RIVER!  (Okay, it was a stream, but come on.)
Proudest Moment: While I am super proud that I finally dragged myself through a half-marathon, I think this one goes to my 5K PR in May, mostly because I remember how strong I felt the last mile, and looking down at the "average pace" on my garmin and realizing I'd be able to finish faster than I'd even hoped.  Love finishes like that!
Muddiest Race: Duh, Atlanta Muddy Buddy!  Loved racing this silly race with College Roomie.  (Cross Country Challenge is a VERY close second...)
Best Overall Race: This had to be the Chicago Lung Run 5K.  I just loved this race for a number of reasons: perfect weather, wonderful running buddy, gorgeous scenery (love the Chicago lake front path!), felt great the whole time, AMAZING post-race swag including cupcakes...oh, and it was my first race back after an injury-filled summer.  BLISS.  (Confession: I totally almost peed my pants while pushing to the finish at this race...please tell me I'm not alone in this one!  I'm sure the ONLY reason I was able to hold it in was because my teacher bladder is so well trained to HOLD IT!  TMI???  Sorry...)
5Ks: 6
5 miles: 2
10Ks: 1
15Ks: 1
1/2 Marathon: 1
Muddy Buddy: 1 :)
Total: 12

Race Plans for 2012:
4/28/12 Kentucky Derby Half-Marathon
5/26/12 Soldier Field 10-Mile
7/29/12 Iron Girl Sprint Triathlon
11/25/12 Space Coast Half-Marathon

What was your craziest/weirdest/hardest/proudest/fill in the blank race of this year?

What are your race plans for 2012?

Come on, be honest...have you ever peed your tempo shorts (or ALMOST) while racing?


  1. Wow! What an achievement. You even make *me* want to take up running, and I'm a horrible runner!

  2. My mentor teacher this year is an avid runner and has encouraged me to start. I'm FAR behind. (Barely getting a mile in) But, I have some very encouraging friends at school and the local Y.

    ANYways, I saw that you intend to run the half marathon in Louisville and I got all excited. The derby mini is my goal. I might walk 1/2 or even 3/4 of it, but it's a start, right?

    Hopefully I'll see ya there!

    Best of luck for 2012 with your teaching and running adventures!


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