February 6, 2014

Throwback Thursday: Some Old Favorites

Last week one of my blog posts was featured in The Daily Cafe's tip of the week email!  I was pretty excited about it--The Sisters are basically celebrities IMHO, since reading the Daily 5 book my first year on the job transformed so much of my teaching.  The post was an oldie from 2011, and going back to reread it got me thinking about some of my other old favorite posts.  I decided to do a Throwback Thursday post to share some old favorites...

The post featured on The Daily Cafe--12 Tips for Surviving Your First Year Teaching...in which, during my second year on the job, I reflect all I learned since my first days in the classroom.  (I continue to work on these 12 things every day!)
My very first classroom...
Being My Best Self...in which, after feeling bogged down at school and just plain negative, I pledge to bring a positive attitude to school and "be my best self" every day.
All I'm Asking for is a little R-E-S-P-E-C-T...in which I share how I feel when I hear politicians and public teacher-bashing.  Oh and there's an awesome John Stewart clip in it. :)

Running: A Give and Take Relationship...in which I share all of things that I give up for running, but all of the many more important and wonderful things it has given me in return.
I Believe in Picture Books: Differences & Being Yourself...in which I share some of my favorite picture books.

10 Steps for an Organized Classroom...in which I geek out over storage bins and my label maker.

Link back to some of your favorite throwback posts in the comments!

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