February 4, 2014

Training Tuesday: Back at It :)

This time last year I was in the last few weeks of training for the Disney Princess half marathon and hating my life for it.  I was stuck running circles around my neighborhood or on the treadmill because there was too much ice and snow on the trails.  Terrible!  I'm thanking my lucky stars that this year I don't have a winter race on the schedule.  It's nice being able to be a little more flexible with my training!  This week though I'm starting an organized training plan to get myself back on track.  Here's a sneak peek...
2014 goals along the top to remind me what I'm working for!
I am planning on running the Chi Town Half Marathon on April 6th, mostly because I need some running motivation...and partly because you get a half zip long sleeve race shirt...I'm a sucker for a good medal and a good shirt.  Unfortunately for me, this means my short and leisurely Saturday morning runs need to be beefed up a little bit!  Eep.  Never easy in the cold...especially in this Polar Vortex of a winter!
Thanks Kiley for the inspiration for rigging up my Kindle for some cycle reading!
Yup, that's a headband strapping my Kindle to my bike!
I'm also focusing on getting my body ready for tri training!  The Pleasant Prairie Olympic Tri in June will be my big race of 2014, and this runner needs to get swim and bike ready like whoa.  Tri Training officially starts for me in mid-March, but until then I'm trying to build stamina on my bike (indoors...obv.) and in the pool.

Here's what a week looks like for me right now...or at least my goal week! ;)  We all know that not all weeks go *quite* as planned, but hey, I'm trying!
  • Monday: Long swim
  • Tuesday: Medium bike + short run
  • Wednesday: Short swim + hot yoga
  • Thursday: Medium run
  • Friday: Rest :)
  • Saturday: Long Run
  • Sunday: Long Bike 
Hopefully not making the mistake of waiting until spring to get in the saddle and the pool like I did last year will make these tris go much more smoothly!

What are you training for right now?

What races are you most looking forward to this year?  I definitely have triathlons on the brain right now, but I'm still trying to pick out a marathon for fall.  I was planning on running Chicago again, but now that it's switched to the lottery system, I'm keeping my options open. :)  Any fall marathon suggestions?


  1. Your training looks awesome. Check out the St. George Marathon for a fall race, it is amazing.

  2. Wow! What an exciting year you have ahead of you! Can't wait to follow your progress! Good luck!!

  3. I really wish I could get into swimming, but I absolutely hate it :( I'm training for the Shamrock Half Marathon in Virginia Beach in March!


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