April 15, 2011

Friday Ramblings

This morning I attended a professional development on our new social studies series.  I am EXCITED to report that the series ROCKS!!!  I literally can't wait to begin using it, and actually plan to incorporate a lesson or two into my current social studies unit on the American Revolution.  We are using the TCI Social Studies Alive curriculum, and it is loaded to the gills with interactive components.  I know that I (and MOST teachers) spend hours upon hours trying to come up with interactive lessons and hands-on activities to bring social studies to life, and TCI has it all right there for you.  It even has a digital presentation to go along with EVERY lesson!  So. pumped.  I would love to hear more about it from a teacher currently using it!
Does anyone currently use TCI Social Studies Alive in their classrooms??

While I must say I was bummed to return to school after the training (I love my kids, but honestly a full day of grown up talk and a long lunch would have been nice...), there were several other "little happys" in my day. :)

Like this daffodil that was waiting for me when I got back to school!

And this note from a VERY VERY challenging student who hates me about 70% of the time.

And the cherry on top, the new Bondi Bands I ordered Tuesday arrived!!!

I couldn't resist using the 5 for $25 coupon I received when I ordered two of these headbands before my half-marathon.  I LOVE them and was thrilled to pick out 5 more of the super cute designs.  Seriously, they are so comfy and don't slide around at all.  Best of all, not only are they sweat-wicking, but they are super wide so they hold back all of my crazy fly-aways.  Now, if only I could RUN!!!

Which brings me to another topic...tomorrow I am registered to run in a 10K at a nearby arboretum.  I have been looking forward to it for months and was super excited about running with a friend and walking around the arboretum after.  Enter complications...

First of all, it is raining and nasty cold here.  It is supposed to be rainy and nasty cold tomorrow too.  Second, I have a sinus infection and next to no voice.  Third, I have yet to surpass 2 miles with my bum IT bands...
As much as I hate wasting money, all signs point to a NO GO for me for tomorrow.  :(  Oh well, there will be other races.  The bondi bands can wait.  ;)  Instead, I am looking forward to a quiet night in my jammies with a movie and tea to soothe my throat...and hopefully a productive work day tomorrow!  

What are your plans this weekend?  

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