April 6, 2011

Just call me Miss Furniture Mover...

Hi :)  It's been awhile.  Between my running rut (or make that NON-running rut...), an overload of organization in the classroom, and a nasty spring cold, I just haven't been in the blogging mood.  But I decided that today might be a good day to change that, as I sit here attempting to foam roll my nasty-tight IT bands while typing...which is no easy feat, let me assure you.

Can I just take 30 seconds to bum hard about how much I miss running?  Since my half marathon at the end of February, every time I've tried a run my crazy tight IT band-induced knee pain has cut me off after about a mile. Now I've had a hard time even getting myself out there to TRY running because I just anticipate how awful it will be and don't want to deal with the reality of another injury.  :(  Looks like next weekend's 10K will be a walking day for me!  I have a doctor's appt Tuesday to talk allergies (oh spring...), but I may slip my IT bands into conversation and discuss the odds of procuring a referral to a physical therapist...hmmm...

Okay, enough moping.  To make this post a little more upbeat, let me just share the two AMAZING desserts I shared with my family at a birthday dinner for my brother Monday...



Anyways...In the school world, my organization kick has slowed down, but this week I embarked on a new adventure: maximize the space in my classroom!!!  Because I INSIST on using 1/3 of my long and narrow room for a library/carpet area (don't let anyone ever tell you that 5th graders are too old to listen to a story on the carpet or sit in a circle for a lesson on the easle!), space gets a bit...cramped.  All year I've been tweaking things to figure out how to best make the space work for the students and myself, and I think we might have a winner!!!  The most recent change involved my desk and guided reading table.

Previously I had two trapezoid tables pushed together into a hexagon for guided reading.  It had pros and cons.  I decided to split them up into a wedge shape and pushed it further back in the room.  I'm a big fan so far!
The BIG change though is that I pushed my desk against the wall.  I finally decided that the desk was just taking up TOO MUCH SPACE!!!!  Since I only sit there when the kids are out of the room anyways, I decided it wouldn't be an issue.  After 1 day...I LOVE IT!  The extra space is ridiculous.  Totally worth it.
Where is your desk in your classroom?  Do you like it?

Okay, foam rolling/tears time.  :-/  Better have a little ice cream after to ease the pain...


  1. Wow, those desserts look amazing... *nom nom nom* !

  2. I covet your desk!! Seriously...my desk is really just a table and I hate it. No drawers or anything. I had my desk against the wall at the start of the year but I have moved it out. I'm thinking ahead to how I want it next year and the more I think about it, the more I think I will love it. I doubt I'll change it now because they move everything to clean our carpets in the summer so anything I do now, won't be the same when I return in the fall :)

  3. Each and every one of my professors here say that you should always, always still have a carpet, even for the big kids. If they agree with you, then you can rest assured that no matter what anybody else says about grade 5s on a carpet, you're right.

    The teacher I'm working with right now has managed to fit a book corner with couches, a patio table with an umbrella, the carpet, desks for 23 kids, a random counter with centres behind it... all into her room somehow. It's amazing how much can be squeezed into a classroom.

    This is Elmo, by the way.

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