April 12, 2011

Spring! Spring! Spring!

Yesterday was a very sleepy crabby day.  For the kids and for me!  Hopefully at some point in my career I will come to terms with the fact that Sundays should be an early-to-bed day and that Mondays should be a prepare-the-coffee-the-night-before day...oh well!

A few fabulous Spring milestones took place in the past few days...

**First time the temperature got over 80!!!  LOVE me some crazy midwest temperature spikes!!!
**First passion iced tea of the year!!!
**And the best one...first outdoor run in SHORTS (not including Disney of course) of the season. :)
Obviously with my favorite pink compression socks :) These things ROCK!
Yes folks, you caught that right, I managed another run today!  After successfully getting over the 1 mile mark with no knee/IT band pain Friday afternoon, and after enduring a painful but gratifying massage Sunday, I gave it another shot today.  Guess what?  I made it to 2 miles without pain!  *silent cheer*  I didn't even have a lot of pain at 2mi, just some nagging twinges...but I promised myself I would stop there pain or no pain.  Let's not get carried away...I still have a ways to go, but I saw my primary care doctor today who promised me a referral if things don't improve on their own in another couple of weeks.  Compromise.  I'll take it.

BTW in an effort to increase my cross training, I rolled my lazy self out of bed for an early morning yoga class Saturday, and am STILL SORE from the crazy hard poses and sequences we were doing.  Note: take the basic classes a few more times before venturing back to that one...Oh well, A for effort, right?
Time for the obligatory post-run foam rolling session aka my brief visit to HELL.  Don't worry, I fully plan to follow it with ice cream and a Katherine Heigl movie.  

1 comment:

  1. im giving you the *clap and a half*!
    great job on your run!

    ps - do you actually run with compression socks on? or are those for afterwards?


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