April 8, 2011

Out of the mouths of babes!

Writing Prompt: Write about a place you would like to explore.  Explain why you would like to explore this place. (Sorry this picture quality TOTALLY SUCKS but the writing is just too good to miss.  I typed it out below...) 
"I would like to explore Bahamas because that's where my mom went for her honey moon.  If I go to the bahamas then I could look for old precious things like from the 1800s or something or a leprechan dancing around a pot of gold!!!!  I could go rock climbing!  I could go in dark deep tunnels to see if there's any diamonds!  If I could go to the bahamas I would take Miss Teacher with me and the leprechan and making shamrock shakes!"

Note the picture of me holding at least 6 Shamrock Shakes.  She knows me so well... God I am obsessed with this! :)  I guess the Bahamas are really a magically land where anything goes!  Go figure. :)  

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