April 16, 2011

Why yes, I AM a party girl :)

Tonight my big Saturday night plans were a date with a treadmill at the gym.  I realize that admitting this to you all  might ensure that no one ever reads my blog again because this officially makes me a pathetic loser, but I'm not embarrassed.  It was all I wanted to do tonight...well that, and lay around reading after!

While I was disappointed not to be running in the Bloom & Zoom 10K this morning, when I woke up at 9 to gray skies and rain hitting my windows, I was MORE than happy to hit the snooze and go back to sleep rather than layering on running clothes and slathering my IT band with Bio Freeze...We definitely made the right choice to pass on this race.  Instead, I spent my morning enjoying this yummy bowl of oats at Corner Bakery along with some Teacher TalkLife Talk with Miss R. :)
Since I wasn't 10King this morning, I decided I wanted to at least give running a shot this evening.  I haven't run since my Tuesday 2 miles, as my IT band was sore a few days after that, and I definitely didn't want to push it.  It's felt much better the past few days though, so I gave it another shot.
What, don't ALL the cool kids go to the gym Saturday nights??
Hooray!  I made it 2.5 miles without pain!  Again I felt a TINY bit of discomfort...not enough to stop, but just enough to remind me that I'm still injured and not to push it.  I'm excited that I actually seem to be on the mend, and pumped that I'll be able to start my training for the Rock 'n' Roll Half Marathon in a couple of weeks.  Yay. :)
Slowly but surely...I'm coming back!

And now, I'm off to finish an awesome book...I've been reading Feed by M.T. Anderson.  It's another YA dystopian novel (sensing a pattern?), and it's really interesting/thought-provoking/different/GOOD.  I'm excited to see how it ends, and can't wait to tell you more soon in a book review.  Have a great Saturday Night!  Hopefully it's more exciting than mine. ;)


  1. just found your blog. :) my husband is a 5th grade teacher as well and I’m a runner. :)

  2. Yay!! I'm glad you're feeling better! Let the summer fun and training begin, huh? =D

    That oatmeal looks kind of heavenly. Like... a lot.

  3. Glad you're able to run with less discomfort :). And that oatmeal looks amazingly good!!

  4. I read Feed in an adolescent lit class in college. Loved it!

  5. You missed a fun race! Although that bowl of oatmeal goodness looks like a great race alternative!

  6. Oh my goodness, that oatmeal WAS heavenly. Everybody go to Corner Bakery ASAP and get a bowl...


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