June 21, 2012

Things I'm Loving Thursday

Since I've been in a complete running funk lately (seriously, running is about my LEAST favorite thing this week for some reason...), instead of writing about my sucky runs of late and get all debbie downer on you guys, I figured I'd try to perk myself up by writing about some of the things I've been loving this week.

$1 iced coffee from Dunkin' Donuts
I have a confession to make.  Until last week, I could definitely count on 1 hand the number of times I've gotten coffee at Dunkin' Dounts, and probably on 2 hands the number of times I'd even visited a Dunkin' Donuts.  (I have EATEN their donuts many times, as I have absolutely no will power or self-control when it comes to treats left out in the teacher's lounge at school...)  There just aren't that many around where I live, and I've always been more of a Starbucks kinda girl.  Well a new DD with a drive through just opened around the corner from my parents', so I drove through last Tuesday evening before class only to find out that from 2-5pm any size iced coffee is $1.  ANY SIZE!  I would never make this up.  I have been back almost every day and have been enjoying every moment spent chugging down gigantic cups of iced coffee goodness.  $1 gigantic DD coffee > waaaaay over priced Starbucks.  Seriously, coffee drinks this large should not even be legal.

While my running mojo is MIA, I have been loving me some yoga this summer!  Last night my gym had an outdoor "yoga under the stars" class on the pool deck.  It was pretty cool to do yoga outside (pretending the traffic sounds were ocean waves...), even if my mat kept blowing around.  I did think the instructor may have had a few screws loose though when she added in a billion arm balance and hand stand moves towards the end of the class...ummm jumping into a handstand on a concrete deck facing a pool?  Call me overly cautious, but no thank you...
 The fact that Older Brother, Sister-in-law, and Adorable Niece are en route as we speak for a week-long visit!
I haven't seen Brother, Sister-in-law, and Adorable Niece since we spent Spring Break in Florida back in March, so I am super pumped about their visit!  Seriously, my niece was pretty beautiful when I last saw her, but if our Skype chats are any indication, she's been getting cuter every day!
 Last week Sister-in-Law told me that she wants to start running and train for the Disney Princess Half Marathon next February, which will be her first half.  I'm so excited for her, and immediately added the race to my calendar too.  Disney Princess was my first half in 2011 and my first ever big running goal!  Can't wait to go back and earn another tiara shaped medal. :)  We're hoping to find time during their visit to take a trip to the running store to get Sister-in-law some new shoes.  Hopefully I can convince her to come on a run with me too--and hopefully I can find a positive attitude about running somewhere deep inside me before then!

Chocolate peanut butter ice cream--Do I really need to say any more?
This amazing quote from Susan Lacke, triathlete and columnist for No Meat Athlete
Reading this quote on the "I <3 to Run" facebook page was probably one of the highlights of my day yesterday.  Just perfect.

I used to feel pretty sometimes. And then I started running. It was hard. My face was red, I would sweat profusely, my nose would run when it was cold, and no matter how many different pairs of shorts I tried, my thighs always seemed to rub together. The first time I saw my race photos, I cringed. Did I really look like THAT when I ran? Yes, in my past, sometimes I would feel pretty. But thanks to running and triathlon, I gained scars on every elbow, knee, and hip, a crooked nose, and tan lines that would put zebras to shame. Things had changed, in a big way. I stopped worrying about the red face and sweating and realized that the feeling of crossing a finish line was so much better than any good hair day. Yes, in my past, sometimes I would feel pretty. But now, thanks to running and triathlon, things are different. With my crooked nose, battle scars and spandex, I don’t feel pretty anymore. I feel beautiful.
- Susan Lacke

What have you been loving this week?


  1. Love that quote. And I want one of those DD iced coffees so badly!

  2. What a great quote! I'm floored!

  3. I want that blue mug!!! :)

    I am LOVING seeing some of my former kiddos as 6th graders in summer school. They change SO much in just a year, it's unreal!

  4. Yoga under the stars sounds just heavenly! :)


  5. I have been loving-


  6. Umm yeah, that DD iced coffee deal has been both awesome and terrible for my life lately. Why get a small or medium iced coffee when I can get a large for the same price? No matter that I shouldn't be drinking that much caffeine. It's so delicious that I can't stop. It's better that I get it with skim milk and splenda, right?


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