June 19, 2012

Triathlon Training Tuesday: Gear Checklist

When it comes to running, I'm a gear junkie.  I have a zillion little gadgets and am always looking for something new to try, from garmins to headbands to foam rollers.  Since I already love getting new gear, who would have thought I'd find the amount of gear needed for a triathlon intimidating!  But intimidating it was.  I scoured triathlon books and blogs for race day packing lists, finding some that were pages long!  YIKES!  With some trial and error during my training, I was able to figure out what I actually would need for my race, and now having finished one tri, I have a better idea what I will need again next time and what I should leave at home.  I'm no expert, but since the packing list was one of the most nerve wracking parts of training for me, I thought I'd share what I brought to my tri with you!

  • track jacket, t-shirt, yoga pants to wear over tri clothes
  • water bottle
  • pre-race Gu (or your breakfast of choice!)
  • sunscreen
  • hair ties
  • permanent marker to fix body marking post-sunscreen
  • flip flops 
  • bike pump
  • tri clothes (for me, this was tri shorts and a tri sports bra, although I'd like to try a tri shirt next time...)
  • race-issued swim cap
  • goggles
  • extra swim cap and goggles just in case
  • digital watch
  • road id 
  • towel spread out under bike to lay gear on (I brought an extra one to dry off with, but it was so hot that I didn't really need to take the time to dry off, so it wasn't really necessary.  Maybe I would bring an extra hand towel to quickly dry off next time...)
  • shoes (just plain running shoes for me)
  • socks
  • shirt with race number pinned on (many people had a race number belt that they just put on if they wore a top in the water)
  • bike gloves
  • helmet
  • sun glasses
  • water bottle(s) on bike
  • Gu
  • kleenex!  (I was so glad I had this one, my nose is always running like crazy post-swim and on my bike!  I had a couple pieces out with my gear in transition and one in my bike bag)
  • hat
  • IT band straps
  • Gu
  • Change of clothes
  • Flip flops
  • Plastic bag for wet/sweaty clothes
Phew!  That's it!  For Tri #2, I plan to experiment with a tri top and number belt instead of a tri sports bra and running top to pull over it.  My hope is to shave off 30 seconds of transition time without having an outfit change!  :)  I'll keep you posted...

What is your "must have" gear for a triathlon or any race??


  1. Thanks. I have bookmarked this one!
    I found a tri top on sale by searching. I think I just googled tri tops till I found one I wanted that wasn't too much. Some day I'll be able to use it!

  2. Well, since I haven't done a triathlon and never plan on doing one :) I would say that my must have gear for a 5k is, um, my running shoes? :)

    Having said that-I do want a garmin. I'm tired of carrying my phone with the app that keeps up with my distance. :)


  3. Aerobars are a great addition if your terrain is flat as they help increase speed but may not be as good on a mountainous circuit, as they need to negotiate curves. Beginners might want to try clipless pedals if they want to better their time.

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