June 19, 2012

Training Slump

Is it just me, or does anyone else find themselves in a huge training funk shortly after a big race?  Ever since my tri, I have been severely lacking energy and motivation when it comes to working out.  I'm still following a training plan because I have a second tri coming up in about 9 weeks that I need to stay in shape for and plans to crush a sub-30 5K this fall.  Actually, let me clarify that one--I HAVE a training plan, but to say I am FOLLOWING it would definitely be a stretch...

I gave myself permission to take a lazy week last week with easy, leisurely workouts and a few rest days, rationalizing it with the thought that I deserved a break after a few months of intense half-marathon and triathlon training.  The trouble is, after taking a rest week, I can't get back into things this week!  Yesterday I had big plans for yoga and a swim in the evening, but ended up running errands with my mom and couldn't make it to the yoga class.  That didn't mean I had to miss swimming though, right?  I must have been in an all-or-nothing mindset because before I knew it I was curled up on the couch eating a popsicle and watching Sister Wives.  (Can't help but love that show, and I have no idea why...)  This morning I planned to redeem myself with a 1000yd swim + 3 mile run.  Well, I got off to a late start (I can't seem to get ENOUGH sleep these days!), and was dragging in the pool.  Combine that with goggle issues and the next thing I knew, I was hopping out of the pool after just 500 yds.  Oh well, I still had the run, right?  Wrong.  By this time it was already 80+ degrees, my stomach was upset for god knows why, and I was quitting after less than a MILE.  Pathetic!!!
^To Remember...
I definitely need to get my mojo back somehow!!!  I know that getting back into the routine is the hardest part, and once I'm in it, it will be MUCH easier!  Tomorrow's the day, I can feel it.  I'm planning on an early morning bike ride before it gets too hot and a night time "yoga under the stars" class at my gym.  I'm doing it. I promise.  No backing out!!

How do you get your motivation back?

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