March 14, 2014

A Child's Pose Kind of Day

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You ever have a day when you're just totally off your game?  I have felt like that this whole week.  I don't know if it's the time change or a busy week or most likely the two things combined, but I have been capital-E-Exhausted all week.
Evidence of my exhaustion--yoga bag from Wednesday has yet to be unpacked...
Wednesday night at my hot yoga class, I think I was in child's pose at least a quarter of the time.  Seriously, the yoga teacher was all about planks and core and I just wasn't feeling it.  I tried to keep up with the class at first, but eventually I surrendered and found myself a nice rest in child's pose.  

Between a morning meeting, no specials for my kids during the day (which means no breaks for me), a lunch club, staff development after school, and racing to the pool to get in a swim, by the time I got to yoga class I was done.  As the rest of the class planked and chatarunga-ed around me, I caught my breath for maybe the first time all day.  And you know what? I am 100% okay with that.  There are days when you need to really push yourself to run that extra mile, swim that extra lap, or hold that pose that extra minute, but there are also days that the kindest thing you can do for yourself is listen to your body and what it needs.  Some days you just need a child's pose.
When do you know it's time to give yourself a break?
What "I need a child's pose" moments have you had lately?


  1. I liked your fb page, and who doesn't love a child's pose,

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  3. Great attitude! Those busy days are so tough but when they're over they make the "regular" days feel like a cake walk. Glad you were able to breathe!

  4. Yes! Sometimes it's good to push yourself but sometimes giving your body a break is the best thing!

    1. Oh and I hope this week is treating you better! The sunshine after work is awesome!

    2. Thanks girl! And yay sunshine! Just finished a DAYLIGHT run, and I think it was good for my soul!!!

  5. i love a child's pose several times a day :) I can tell I need a break when I have no desire to get out there and run.

    1. Yay for child's pose! I NEED them several times a day! Here's to making the time!

  6. Just discovered your blog from the GoNoodle website! I was excited to see another 3rd/4th grade multi-age teacher out there in the blogging world!

    I've been doing a lot with mindfulness this year, including some basic yoga with my kids.

    Anyway, I'm your newest follower, looking forward to reading more!

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