March 10, 2014

Gems from Student Work

Lately my coworker and I have been texting pictures to each other while grading papers of the hilarious things our kids write for answers.  They have started to accumulate on my phone, and I decided some of these are too silly and wonderful not to share... (Note: No disrespect towards the students intended...I love each and every one so, so much--but I also love how they are kids and silly and make me laugh every day!!)
King Midas apparently "couldn't keep his hands off" his daughter...yikes!!!
Students read a folk tale about a mouse who gets stuck in a cage and tricks a cat to let him out.  The theme was that being clever can get you out of a difficult situation.  I guess it's true that if you are not clever you can get trapped in a cage and eaten, but I can't say it happens very often...
Our Common Core High Cognitive Demand task--change 1 event in The Princess and the Pea and rewrite the story from that point on to show how this change would affect the plot.  Somehow Mario and Princess Peach made it into this student's revision...don't remember them from the original plot!
I always tell my students to write "words of encouragement" for themselves at the top of tests--our usual is, "Bring it on!"  This student took it in a different direction...
Luckily for this student, I have watched my fair share of Dance Moms, so I caught that reference right away... ;)

Dear Miss Teacher, you are like a sweet tree...
That is a new one, but I will take it.

Miss Teacher, it was so easy, my brain is turned to 1000 percent, my brain is like a fire ball
Especially special because this one was from my Syrian student who did not speak one word of English when he came to my classroom last fall! 
And oh this one...I have one student who is responsible for changing our schedule magnets every afternoon and writing the next day's date on the board...this is confusing on so many levels...

To remember on stressful days: I love my job because it makes me laugh every day. :)


  1. These are so hilarious!! I should start taking pictures of more of mine. My favorite was a 7th grade quiz when the question was, "What is the comma rule about...(I forgot the whole question)" and a 7th grade boy wrote, "Use a comma and a vagina." I literally burst out loud right when I graded it! Freudian slip? LOL

  2. haha! These are great -- makes our job all the more entertaining! My mom is always telling me to make sure and write these down, plus the funny things they say! I recently had a funny student "oops" on a math poster that I share here:
    the {Art} of learning


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