March 20, 2014

Three Things Thursday

My new discovery this week is a great one...Chia Seeds!  Have you tried these little guys?  I have seen them on healthy living blogs before, but ever since reading Born to Run last summer I've been super intrigued.  They are filled with Omega 3s, fiber, and some protein. Saturday afternoon I happened to spot them at Trader Joe's, so I picked up a bag.  I have to say I am sold!  I tried using them to make this Chia Seed Pudding which I loved--just like a healthy version of tapioca.  I also have made Overnight Oats twice--greek yogurt, raw oats, almond milk, fruit, and chia seeds.  After a night soaking in the fridge, the chia seeds are all "puffed up" and the consistency is awesome.  Loved this for breakfast this week!  While I am *slightly  disappointed* that I am not magically capable of running 100s of miles thorugh the Mexican desert barefoot ala Born to Run after eating them, they taste good and helped make my breakfast a little more filling, so I'll take it. ;)
Overnight Oats = On the Go Breakfast!
Tuesday I swam my FURTHEST DISTANCE EVER!  I made it 2,000 yards in the pool and swam all of it freestyle!  If you're a long time reader, you may remember that I battled my freestyle fear for years--I have no idea what it was, but I'd panic when I swam freestyle for longer than a lap or two.  In fact, I swam breaststroke for all three of my tris.  This year, among other goals, I decided I was going to conquer freestyle.  While my form is far from pretty, I am getting stronger, can swim further, and feel much more comfortable.  And hey, that's the goal, right??  I was pretty pumped about my long swim--don't worry, I rewarded myself with a shamrock shake after.  No picture because it was pretty much gone by the time I got home!!  ;)
Between that long swim and the ten mile run I banged out Sunday, I am pumped for tri season to start!  

I leave for Florida tomorrow!!!  So far my packing has consisted of "make a big pile of everything on my suitcase, organize later," but at least I've got my books packed!  Three YA sequels and a tri training book.  Hoping it has some new tips for me!  (My Dad loves the title of this book bc he says only an idiot would do a triathlon... ;)
Anyways, I am more than ready to get out of here and spend some time with my brother, sister in law, and sweet little niece.  Can't wait for some amazing beach running too!!  

Did you make any new discoveries this week?
Have you had an awesome workout lately?
Spring break plans?

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  1. My longest swim ever is 2000 yards. My typical one is 1500. I'll never be fast but I do like it.


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