March 31, 2014

Spring Break in Pictures

Another spring break come and gone...I was blessed with the opportunity to spend a beautiful week in Florida visiting my brother, sister in law, and sweet little niece.  My parents let me freeload along with them for the week--youngest child perks. ;)  At the end of vacation I always have mixed feelings--part of me is always so ready to get back into my routine, but it is always so hard to leave.  Especially when I have to say goodbye to this little sweetie:
Anyways, the week was filled with beach runs, good food, tea parties with my niece, trips to the zoo, long periods of uninterrupted reading, and so much wonderful time with family.
Feeding the birds at the zoo...
Bedtime stories... 
Reading time...finished 4 books during the week!
Plenty of tea parties...
Love being steps from the ocean!
Three beautiful beach runs, one at sunrise...

The highlight of the week was probably the morning my brother, mom, dad, and I spent doing a ropes/zip line course at the Brevard Zoo.  It was sooo much fun and a great workout too!  
Dad and I high in the treetops...  
LOVE zip lining!

Mom's not afraid!
Some of the zip lines were really long, and one went over the zoo alligator habitat--eep!
Super hero dad! 
We did it!

Today it's back to real life... :(  Oh, and stay tuned for some AWESOME product reviews and giveaways coming up in the next few weeks!


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