October 1, 2010

Dear Crazy Parent

Dear Crazy Parent,

Please chill out. There's no need to call about 1/2 points taken off of your child's assignments. There is no need to criticize the little things and question everything I do. Please don't tell your child how much better he is than everyone else. Also, there is really no call to let me know that, in not so many words, you are better than me. I am a college grad, with honors no less. I am a good teacher, and I would do anything for my students. There is no need to doubt my every move. I get it--you care about your son. Here's the thing--i care about him too. I care about all of my students. They are the reason I stay at school after hours, do research for lessons on the weekends, and constantly look for ways to better myself as an educator. I'm not sure why you feel the need to sit watching and waiting for me to make a mistake. Which I will, by the way, because I am human. I can only imagine what your reaction will be...

But honestly, chill out. If not for your sake, then for your child's sake. I worry about him and his future, because I see the way you manipulate him, plant ideas in his head. So crazy parent, I hope you will learn to let go, and let me teach. And even though I do not love you, I will continue loving your son because I am a better teacher than you think I am, and because I care about all of my students.

Miss Teacher

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