October 12, 2010

I'm not sure that's the correct adjective to be used in this situation...

What do you do when a student decides that, because you are calling him out for inappropriate behavior, you are "racist"?

What do you do when said student decides to yell that out in front of the entire class?

I'm assuming the appropriate reaction is *NOT* to bring him out into the hallway and yell at him...rarely is that EVER the appropriate reaction...but that's what I did today.  I just couldn't handle that such a serious, ridiculous accusation would be thrown at me, and it didn't matter to me at the moment that this child is impulsive, has a behavior problem, and was only saying that to hurt me.

I did not handle the situation very well.  And while I appreciate that, I am still not sure what the best way to handle it would have been...They didn't teach me this in teacher college...

(By the end of the day, we had resolved the issue--after his weekly time with our social worker, this student apologized to me and said that he was just angry and that's why he had said it.  We have moved on.  It worries me, though, that other students will decide that this is an appropriate insult to throw at others when they are merely being held accountable for their own choices...My oh my the world we live in...)

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