October 18, 2010

No, I do NOT live and sleep at school.

Dear parent who believes it is perfectly acceptable to pick up her child at 4:20 from a club that ends at 4,

I am already dedicating 1 hour of my time every Monday to share my love of reading with your child and 14 others.  I cannot stay outside with your daughter for an extra 20 minutes.  And while I would be understanding if this were just a one time thing and you got the times mixed up, or even if you apologizes, I am really failing to understand how you can show up late and basically tell me, unapolegetically, that you can't be at school until that time because you get off work at 4.  I'm sorry, I get off work at 4 too!   Please don't act like it's my responsibility to stay with her and like it's a big inconvenience to you that I would even ask you to be ON TIME.   If your daughter needs to be picked up, find a way to get her home!

Maybe I will feel more understanding later, but right now I am annoyed.  Mostly because it frustrates me when other people don't value my time or acknowledge that I just might have a life outside of school or other things that could and should be occupying my time, like, oh i don't know, preparing for tomorrow.  Your daughter is welcome at my club.  I love reading with kids and that's why I offer my time.  But please, when you look at me, see a human, not a child care robot.  Apologize when you are late.  Make an effort to make other arrangements.  And do not treat me like I OBVIOUSLY have nothing better to do than babysit your daughter pro bono.

Miss Teacher
Battle of the Books Sponsor

^I apologize.  This is a rant.  But honestly, it's not the time that is the issue, it's the attitude...

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