October 15, 2010

To the child who decided it was okay to skip school:

What were you thinking??? No, seriously, what the heck were you thinking? Did you think that school was optional? That no one would notice if you just decided not to show up? Did you think that you were too sneaky to have to go to school, or that you were smarter than everyone else because you figured out how to trick your mom and ditch school?

Did you realize that skipping school at your age is illegal? Did you consider how your mom would feel when, after two days of unexcused absences for both you and your brother, she was called at work? Did you know how panicked she would be, know she would picture you dead in an alley or in the back of a kidnapper's car, or worse? Did you think about the trouble you would be in? Did you even think at all?

Or what about this: did you take a moment to even consider how, when you are already reading and writing four grades behind, missing two days of learning would set you back even further? Did you realize that if you even want a SHOT at college, you need to learn to read first? Did it occur to you that YOU need to TRY to learn, that I cannot force you?

It baffles me to think that the child who sits, staring into space in my classroom each day, who cannot even figure out that, when he doesn't know what to do, he should raise his hand to ask, could mastermind a plan to pretend to walk to school two days in a row only to run back home once mom was at work. What. Were. You. Thinking.

Wake up. Get your act together. Now. Because I fear for you if, when you turn 16, you still can't read and think school is "boring." What will happen to you?

I hope you will take a moment to think about the consequences of your actions, and for the love of god, get to school. Period.

Miss Teacher

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