March 23, 2011

Manicures > Grading Papers

This makes me want to CRY
Happy Wednesday :)  Wednesdays are normally my LOOONGEST day: school, staff development, tutoring, Girls on the Run...oh my!!  So it was wonderful today to enjoy a quieter (albeit productive) Wednesday, complete with a nap.  Have I mentioned that I love spring break?  I'm so glad I decided to stay home this year and just relax...although I REALLY should start working on this pile o' grading I lugged home with me...

Ahh, that's better!
Yesterday I was majorly bumming out about my sore IT Band and in general feeling sorry for myself.  Sorry about that--I'm the youngest child and the only girl in my family.  Wallowing happens.  So does whining.  I'm better now. :)  What perked me up?  Why, mani/pedis with fabulous Miss R of course!  (Check out her new blog, The Wanna Be!)  We even kept teacher-talk to a minimum and enjoyed sharing silly stories from back in the day before we were friends.  When you get together with other teachers, do you find yourself CONSTANTLY talking about school??  As much as I wish I didn't, it's what ALWAYS seems to happen!!

Okay guys, work your magic!!
As far as the IT band goes, I picked up some supplements last night that another fabulous friend and marathoner extraordinaire recommended to me: Cal-Mag-Zinc and Iron.  Combine those and my good old friends Advil and Biofreeze, plus my buddies ice pack and foam roller, and hopefully I will be good as new in a few weeks!!  Do you take any supplements that you LOVE?

BTW, in case you were wondering, I gave the vegetarian thing a lot of thought the past two days since my post on the subject and decided that for now I am going to stop eating gelatin.  That means buh bye gummy vitamins... :(  I am going to continue eating cheese and dairy, although when I am grocery shopping I am planning to read labels more often and NOT buy cheese that lists rennet as an ingredient.  I will also try buying more vegan friendly cheeses and soy dairy products at the grocery store, but will not be eliminating dairy from my diet.  I figure if I buy less dairy, though, even if I still eat it from time to time when I'm out, I'm still making a difference.  Like I said before, there are no rules to being a vegetarian--just what feels good for YOU! :)

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  1. You have Girls on the Run?!? Do you help run the program? I read another blog of a teacher that does it and I'm so interested in it.
    When I meet up with friends that are teachers we always end up swapping stories for a little while. Sometimes it's nice to know I'm not alone in my craziness!


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