March 3, 2011

Three Things Thursday

I don't usually do TTT posts, but seeing as I have three separate little things to share, I figured it fit perfectly. :)

I am SO done with testing.
No really, shoot me now.  We have two days left, but I'm so exhausted from the frantic review lessons we squeeze in that are not so much teaching as they are me frantically modeling a hundred things at a time on the overhead and saying over and over, "You really need to know this.  We have been practicing this all year.  Why don't you know this yet?!"  So tired.  2 more days...I can almost see the light...

The best decision I made all day was to throw my TOMS in my bag before school.  While my foot is feeling WAAAY better, I wore heels yesterday too and by today my feet were exhausted.  Enter TOMS to the rescue!  I slipped these comfy babies on during specials, lunch, and after school.  Wonderful.  It's the little things, right?

I'll tell ya, there is nothing like a good threatening note from a student to start the morning off right!  Gotta love it!  I collected my kiddos' journals yesterday and war finishing writing my response letters this morning when I stumbled upon this gem:
My personal favorite part is, "Don't come to school or else."  Sweet.  Love it.  This is from a totally non-malicious student, so I know that he didn't intend to come across like a crazy serial killer in this note, but honestly.  The student who wrote it is one of those who seems to think he's better than everyone, probably including me (no doubt because his mom feeds him such garbage), and doesn't understand the line between appropriate and inappropriate always.  For anyone else struggling to understand this line, let me give you a brief run-down:
  • Appropriate Journal Material: Writing a letter to your teacher to tell about your new video game, your weekend trip to grandma's, or your new shoes.
  • Inappropriate Journal Material: Writing a letter to your teacher to offer career advice, threats, and generally words and phrases that could at some point be used against you in a court of law.
Possibly my FAVORITE part of today, though, was when Mr. Principal and I asked mom to come after school to discuss this, and student refused to leave the car.  Which mom allowed.  Student went so far as to hide under the seat when I went out to attempt to convince him to come in, yelling at me from the inside of the car and generally behaving like a child half his age.

Today was definitely a step-back-and-look-at-my-life-and-wonder-how-the-hell-I-got-here kind of day...


  1. Oh man! That sounds like an interesting day...

    My kids (that I'll be student teaching with) are taking their tests right now... after taking my "teaching tests" last month, I feel for the little guys. Testing is just too much. Yuck.

    I can't get over that note, though! Respect and authority problems, much? Boy oh boy.

  2. This seriously blows my mind. From a 10/11 year old?!

  3. Wow that is so crazy! Some people should just not be allowed to be parents!!

  4. My students are the same age & if I got a note like that, and got a response from a parent like that, I would have involved the police. Hopefully there were severe consequences for that child.

  5. OMG! I cannot believe you got a letter like this! It is funny and weird all at the same time! Yikes!

    Fantastic 1st Grade


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