March 12, 2011

Running Post-13.1

If you've been following my blog for the past few months, you'll know that I have been the most injury-prone pathetic excuse for a runner.  It has literally been one thing after another!!  Stress fracture, my knotty calf muscle woes, and my ouchie foot and knee that were plaguing me during the Princess Half.  Thankfully, my foot was better in a couple days (I'm not sure what was wrong with it, but I'm not asking too many questions!).  Unfortunately, my knee is not.

After some research, I'm pretty positive that it's my IT band that's causing the trouble, and after digging into it with The Stick for an hour (a tearful hour to be exact), sure enough, the muscle is suuuper tight.  Before I start freaking out over injury one million and one (yes, exaggerating...but if feels that way...), I'm giving my legs a week of rest and committing to using the stick and foam rolling at least every other day.  I have a 10K next month that I'd love to RUN, but am willing to walk if I have to.  C'est la vie.

I do have to admit, it has been a refreshing break the past two weeks to NOT have my life run by my training.   While I'm totally a routine/structure person, it's been a welcome relief.  Extra exciting was knowing I could have a glass of wine or a beer Saturday nights the past two weekends without worrying about it ruining my Sunday long run!  But I am already itching to start training again, especially now that the weather is FINALLY starting to show signs of spring!  Mrs. Literacy Coach and I even took a short run/walk outside Friday afternoon.  Come on, Spring!  Let's go!

In other news, the magnet that Mrs. Mentor Teacher gave me for some half-marathon inspiration has relocated to my car:
(Yes, I have the world's only car with a non-magnetic back...But I adore my Prius anyways.)

Runner friends: 
Any thoughts on why I might be having so many different muscle issues?  Is there anything I should be doing?
Anyone have any advice for IT band help?


  1. Thanks for your comments on my blog today!!

    I struggled with my IT band in my left knee for a very long time (about a year), but it's been doing a lot better lately. I really think that foam rolling helps. I've never tried the Stick, but it looks similar! There are also exercises you can do to strengthen the muscles around your IT band, which is supposed to help your knee... I would do some google searching for that.

    We have a Prius too :) I love it! My half marathon is in two weeks and part of me is ready to not be on a strict training schedule, but I also worry that I'll let my running go if I don't have a training plan in place.

  2. My sister in law struggled with her IT as well. Not fun! Best of luck with that. Seeing your magnet killed me....I just lost mine in the car wash 2 weeks ago......BOO HISS!

  3. You are my hero, Amy :) So impressed with all your running adventures! I can't wait to run with you in a race someday soon...

    What supplements are you taking? It is SO important to make sure you are getting enough calcium, magnesium, zinc, and iron. That would be my guess!


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