March 5, 2011

Snowing again? Seriously?

Yes folks, it may be March, but here in the Midwest winter is still going strong, making the most of the last weeks of its season.  I wouldn't be surprised if it kept snowing right into spring, what with the way things have been going lately.

Because I am officially disgusted with winter, I did what any person longing for spring would do: buy flip flops and spring colored clothing.  While it didn't stop the snow, it at least made me feel one baby step closer to spring!!

And how could I resist this spring flowered water bottle??
In other news, I attempted my first post-race run this morning.  It felt great to get moving, but after a mile foot pain and back/side of knee pain returned.  Must remember to google what the heck that might be caused by...
I've been lazy about stretching/foam rolling this past week during my running "vacation," so needless to say my legs, while rested, aren't any less tight than they were in the day or two after the race.  Oops.

Miss Literacy Specialist and I are running a 10K together in 6 weeks at an arboretum nearby.  It should be a BEAUTIFUL setting for a race, and we have never run a race together, so I am super excited.  However, I'd like to start training for it next week or the following week, and I hope my body cooperates!!

Also...I registered for half-marathon #2 this week!!  This August I will be running...
Woohoo!!!  Now, let's hope these legs rest up and recover!  Can't wait to start training again :)  Hopefully injury-free this time!!


  1. Love your purchases. I agree on Winter, I'm sick of it too. Bought myself some Spring clothes too last week.

    Congrats on signing up for your second half. I've signed up for my second one too this weekend even though I haven't even run my first one :)

  2. I love that water bottle you've got there! That's been the nice thing about moving from MI to TX - the winters are milder and SHORTER!


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