May 12, 2014

Signs of Spring

I've you've been reading my blog at all this school year, you'll remember that I had some pretty strong feelings about the terrible winter we had.  Almost as rough, though, was the fact that until very recently, spring just didn't seem to be coming.  One day I actually had the thought: "Maybe climate change has ruined the Earth so badly that this is what spring is like here now.  Maybe we will never have warm weather."   This is what it had come to.  Winter blues much?

Luckily, my mini-depression over our lack of my favorite season has completely disappeared.  Better late than never, it looks like spring is really here!  Sure, it only took until mid-May, and sure it's supposed to drop back down to 40s and 50s this week (sad face), but right this very moment the weather is beautiful and life is good.  I've been seeing some of my annual signs of spring around!

Sleeping with the window cracked
The return of both running shorts and post-run sandals!  
(And the accompanying reminder that I am due for a pedicure...)

Changing the "sweater drawer" into the "tanks and shorts drawer"
Outdoor lunches

 Coming into school with just your lunch, purse, and coffee because that school work bag is suddenly less important, and let's face it--you're kinda winging it in the classroom these days anyways!

What signs of spring have you been spotting lately?


  1. The trees are trying to leaf out and my flowers aren't blooming yet but they are thinking about it. I did see all the wild plums in bloom, which is my favorite smell of spring, means that soon the chokecherries will be in bloom too. I hear you on the never ending winter, so happy for the last couple weeks, while it is still cooler than normal it is at least getting up into the 50s and may hit 70 this weekend. YAY

  2. I love springtime and taking the extra blankets off the bed and putting away the sweaters at home, but I'm really hating work right now. My naughty students have gotten naughtier, and my good students are pressing their luck. If I could declare every day recess day, I think I would!

  3. I know it's spring because I've made a calendar for the last weeks of school. (It's still 6 weeks though!) Here in WA, it's supposed to hit 80* this week, so everyone's airing out their pasty legs and digging out their sandals :) We will finish up our state testing & head to camp soon ... then it will really feel like the downward hill to SUMMER!


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