May 1, 2014

Three Things Thursday

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Has anyone else watched the Fault in Our Stars extended trailer?
OMG.  June cannot come soon enough--I am so pumped about this movie.  I LOVE John Green, and this is my favorite of his books.  Better get my box backpack of tissues ready, I will surely have no mascara left by the end of this movie!

I was able to cross something off my list of 2014 goals recently--I finally got clipless pedals!  I'd been resisting bike shoes and pedals for so long because I was just plain terrified.  I was certain that I was going to forget how to unclip and wipe out on my bike, either into an unsuspecting runner or into oncoming traffic.  Enough triathletes and cyclist friends had sung the praises of clipless for long enough that I decided to go for it this year.  If I'm going to step up my game and make it through an Olympic tri, I need all the help I can get.  
Guess what?  It's really not as hard as I'd built it up to be!  Guess all of my friends were telling me the truth. :)  I've gotten out for a couple rides, and while I'm still not as quick clipping in as I'd like to be, it really is simple to clip out.  No falling or flying into uncoming traffic--yet!
This just in--I definitely need to do some more "bricking"... #jellylegs

We are on third grade social studies curriculum this year (multiage classroom = switching off between two curriculums year to year), which IMHO is pretty lame.  I mean, I got to teach American History when I was a 5th grade teacher, so "Our Community" leaves a little to be desired.  However, this past chapter we were reading and learning about individuals who have made a difference in their communities--some big names like Ruby Bridges and a few others who I'd been unfamiliar with.  After completing a group project about their "Community Hero," we had the kids write letters to their heroes.  Grading them, I think my heart melted a little bit.  Here's a little bit from one of my favorite's:
Overall, it's been a long, tiring week, and I could not be happier that tomorrow is Friday!!

Tell me about your week!  Highs and lows?


  1. I love my clipless pedals even though I broke a bone! But now I unclip in preparation for everything.....stops, rough roads, whatever I think might cause me to stop.

  2. i just cannot deal with that trailer. I am leaving the country for two weeks on the day it comes out, and I'm SO UPSET by that. If there is midnight showing, I might go see it.

  3. Clipless pedals are on my list to get too- I probably should before my first triathlon, but I was waiting to see how it goes first.


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