May 24, 2014

Sweet Saturday

I have found myself with a very rare free Saturday, and I decided there was only one way to celebrate it...
 Lazy couch and balcony time with a book and stove top oatmeal.  Yum!

Now I'm finally getting my lazy self off the couch and out to enjoy a bike ride in the BEAUTIFUL weather.  It is seriously perfect here--sunny and 70s.  What a gift!

But the day is made even better by the email I just got from my principal in which he copied and pasted part of an email he just received from the parent of one of my fourth graders...

He had the two most amazing years in Miss ___'s classroom..he made a huge growth...Miss ___ is definitely one of the best teachers that we had pleasure having as our child teacher...She is amazing..She goes the extra mile, finds the way how to work with an individual child, recognizing the weakness and most importantly she knows how to overcome that same weakness and gets them there, happy about themselves...

Obviously, I was in tears reading that email.  After a long week and with my patience rapidly wearing thin with my little darlings, this was just the pick me up I needed. :)  

Happy long weekend!


  1. That's so sweet! It makes all the hard work worthwhile when you realize that you are actually touching lives.

  2. It is so nice that that parent recognized your gifts and took the time to let your principal know!


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