May 13, 2014

Training Tuesday: A New Bike PDR

At the start of this triathlon training cycle, biking had definitely beat out swimming in the "weakest sport" category.  Swimming has always been tough for me, but I really hit it hard this winter, whereas biking...well, aside from a few trainer rides, it was almost nonexistent.  After Alyssa and my rockin 22 mile ride last Sunday, I decided I wanted to up the distance again this weekend.  As always, Alyssa was on board, and we agreed to tackle 30 miles.  The furthest I'd biked up until that point was 23, when I got lost in Busse Woods last summer...whoops.  

Anyways, it was a GORGEOUS day Sunday, so we started off excited and enthusiastic.  Alyssa's fiance Matt was in town, so he joined us.  We were biking a favorite 7+ mile loop, and the first two laps passed quickly with lots of chatting.  The third was challenging, since by then the sun was up in full force, but we had a good chuckle about an older man we spotted biking in socks, sandals, jeans, and (wait for it) suspenders.  Don't worry, like the fitness blogger creeps we are, we snapped pictures without pausing our ride.
Bloggers can be creepy sometimes...we know.
Aside from the suspender man, other highlights included a dog in a bike basket and a little girl out with her dad wearing bike shorts and a jersey.  I could barely contain my excitement at that cuteness factor.  After the third lap, my stomach was growling so we took a quick break to refuel and relax for a minute.  A Clif Bar and water never tasted so good!  That break was just what I needed to get out there for one last loop.  It wasn't easy--by the last few hills, my quads were burning and my shoulders were tired, but we did it!  30 miles!  A new personal distance record woo!
 After the ride, Alyssa, Matt, and I did some serious damage at the Pearl Izumi outlet.  I mean, we totally earned some new cycling clothes with that ride, right?  Right?  I ended up with a new pair of tri shorts, a pair of cycle shorts, a cycle tank, a jersey, and full gloves for spring and fall rides.  (I could have used those just last week, actually!  My fingers were freezing!)  I won't tell you how much I spent (too much), but I did save over $100 off the original prices!  That counts for something, I think...
 Two lessons were learned Sunday:  1. I can ride further than I thought.  2. I really need to start wearing sunscreen.  It is apparently that time of year...whoops.
How have your workouts been going lately?  Any training milestones? 
Brag away in the comments!


  1. Congratulations on your personal record! Really enjoy reading your blog but am a first time commenter. Whilst you were cycling on Sunday (or possibly before that due to the time difference) I was running a 10k race and got a new PB with 3.5 minutes knocked off my previous PB, so was really chuffed. I've put a lot of hard work in over the winter so it was great to see it paying off. I have to say, I sniggered when I read about your man in jeans and suspenders - it wasn't until I saw the photo that I understood. In the UK we call them braces - suspenders are the belt that hold your stockings up. I had funny visions of a stocking and denim clad man! I'm off on Thursday for a new distance record on my bike - more off road than yours but should be lots of fun, if I can stay on my bike anyway!! Thank you for keeping me smiling, keep up the hard work and enjoy seeing it pay off. With love from the UK xx

  2. I would kill to go to a PI outlet!


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