May 27, 2014

Training Tuesday: Two Weeks til Race Day + Tommie Copper Review

Another week of tri training is on the books!  It's hard to believe that there are less than two weeks until Esprit de She and less than a month until Pleasant Prairie!  I actually feel pretty great about both races though--there is more work to be done (especially for Pleasant Prairie), sure, but I'm gettin' it done!  This week I got in an easy run, a bike/run brick, a 27-mile ride in the most beautiful weather ever, and two great swims.
Almost had my first clipless pedals wipe out Saturday when I didn't unclip soon enough at an intersection...Luckily I was fine and, equally as importantly, no one was around to witness my shame...

Sunday I even swam 2,000 yds straight with no breaks!  That was a huge milestone for me.  I have only made it that distance a couple of times before, and always with at least 1 break thrown in there.  I felt truly unstoppable in the pool during that swim!  What an amazing feeling!  This is why I love taking on new challenges and distances every year--without fail, I discover I am capable of things I'd never thought.  I remember when I swam a half mile for the first time!  Crazy.  I am actually looking forward to going for my first open water swim next week!

This week I got to try out a new piece of gear that I totally loved--Tommie Copper Compression Socks.  (Read my past Tommie Copper reviews here, here, and here.)  I was pumped to have a chance to try out another Tommie Copper item, since I have really liked everything else I've tried by them.  Like all TC items, these socks are made with copper infused yarn to help speed recovery.  I wore these babies on a short 3-mile run Thursday night, and I loved them!  They have a great level of compression, and the height of the socks is perfect for me--not too tall, not too short.  Also, they were a good thickness--sometimes compression socks are too thin, and I feel like my feet are sliding around in my shoes in them.  I will definitely be wearing these on future runs!  (Though definitely not for my tris...imagine putting on compression socks in transition!!)  Highly recommend this product.  Thanks Tommie Copper for letting me try them out!
The return of stretchy laces...Must be tri season!
Speaking of gear, stretchy laces have made a return in my running shoes!  I put a pair of Lock Laces in the shoes I'm planning to wear for my tris.  I love stretchy laces for transitions.  Last year I used Yankz, and they were kind of annoying to adjust.  I am already a bigger fan of lock laces.  Easy to adjust and so far they seem to stay put!

I'm also starting to think about my race day clothing.  Tri clothes are so much trickier for me than running clothes.  When it comes to running races, I have so many items of clothing that I absolutely love, so it's never hard to plan a race day outfit.  Triathlon is another story though!  I bought a new pair of tri shorts from Pearl Izumi that I have taken on a bike and run, and I think I will probably end up wearing those.  While I liked them, my Skirt Short tri shorts that I wore for the past two seasons have definitely seen better days.  I'm trying to figure out which top to go with, however.  I have worn the lavender Athleta top below for my past two tris that I like, but don't love.  I have Pearl Izumi tri top (below, purple) that is decent, but it's a little short.  I HATE HATE HATE short tops.  I also bought a Pearl Izumi cycle tank (below, blue) that I might be able to get away with in a tri, but I will have to swim in it first I think to see how fast it dries.  #triathleteprobz.  
Training goals for this week include setting a new bike PDR, getting in a solid bike/run brick, and maybe even nailing a 3-sport brick...we'll see about that one tho!

How is your training going?

Disclaimer: I was sent a pair of Tommie Copper socks in exchange for sharing a review on my blog.  I was not compensated in any other way or encouraged to express a particular opinion.


  1. Ahhhh, the clipless tip. I've done that. I'm terrified of doing it at an intersection an falling into the street.

  2. What kind of bike do you have? How did you choose it? I'm thinking of getting into biking (maybe tris) and don't want a super $$ bike. Did you do a post on choosing your bike, getting fitted, etc? I'd love to hear your thoughts, experience...

    1. Hi Mary Helen! I have a Trek Lexa. I know nothing about bikes, so basically I went to a bike shop, told them I was looking for a nice bike that wouldn't leave me homeless due to cost, and tried a couple. My Lexa is basically an entry level to "nice road bikes," and cost about $800. I'm really happy with it!

  3. My first tri is Sunday!!! Eeeek... time for taper. :)


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