September 17, 2010

AND weekend. :)

Wow, after the four-day week last week (seriously, was that only last week?), this week was LONG.  I had dinner with the fabulous Miss R monday evening, which was the perfect way to start the week.  Although by that time I was already convinced that it was Tuesday.  That should tell you something!!

No, it wasn't a bad week.  Actually, it was pretty good overall.  I taught a few fun lessons I really enjoyed, some that kind of fell apart...but I'm definitely getting better at knowing when to STOP and reassess, and also when to decide it's just NOT worth trying to rush and squeeze in everything I had planned for a day.  For example, this afternoon I just knew my last lesson of the day was SO not going to happen...and opted for a quick recess and a quiet read aloud with the lights off to calm everyone down.  Definitely the right choice--anything I tried teaching by that point wouldn't have made an impact, and would have resulted in me VERY frustrated and yelling.

It was certainly a LONG week though.  Good things: someone on our staff kindly purchased a fabulous keurig coffee maker for communal use in the lounge.  hooray!  While I have always scorned single-use coffee contraptions like keurig and tassimo for their incredibly WASTEFUL single serving packagings (seriously, so. much. waste.  my coffee maker doesn't even use filters), I am crossing over to the dark side.  Sorry, Earth.  Sometimes you just need a pick me up.  And it makes REALLY good coffee... :-/ <- my guilty hippie soul... Oh well.  You gotta do what you gotta do to make it to 3:00 sometimes!  (I did get fair trade coffee, so at least that's something?  Maybe?...)

Anyways, I am looking forward to a productive and fun weekend.  My to-do list for tomorrow morning is pretty ambitious, so we'll see how it goes!!!

One quick "insight" from one of my "sharpest" fifth graders: "The sun is so bright!  Look, it follows me wherever it goes!"  Oh dear...

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