September 22, 2010

Today's "Is this really happening?" Moment

One of my ever so challenging fifth graders who has some pretty deep rooted emotional struggles started off with a rough morning.  He was written up for his hallway conduct by another teacher, and then I gave him a "check mark" for not staying in one spot in the hallway after I specifically asked him to.  By the time he got in the room, he was pissed off.  I approached him with a, "hey, let's let this go and start the day fresh," but that just wasn't working for him.  One of my mentors always tells me that kids like this one need to be told over and over that we like them and want them here.  So I make sure to do that constantly.

I went back up to him shortly after and said, "Hey, I can tell you're upset, but I'm glad you're here and I really like you.

Student: "(grumble grumble) I hate this school!"
Me: "I'm sorry you hate this school, but I like you and I'm glad you're here."
Student: "Well I DON'T like you!"
Me: "I'm sorry to here that, and you don't have to like me.  But I will keep liking you all year long."
Student: "well I will keep NOT liking you all year long! (Grumble grumble)"

Ladies and gentlemen, this is my life.
(You should know that we were getting along by the end of the day.  And I WILL keep liking him all year long ;-)

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