September 14, 2010

Photo Update: I AM A SCIENTIST!!!

I wrote the other day about the fun Science Careers interest activity I started with the kids last week.  With most of them finally having finished their detailed drawings, I wanted to share a few of the final products.

My absolute favorite:
Left side: "Who is a scientist?  Wahahahahahaha" (<-- evil laugh)
Right side: "I am a scientist!  I'm a engineer scientist"

Another favorite:
Left Side: "Who is a scientist?"
Right Side: "I am a scientist!  Ecologist, Botanist"

Amazing that kids who had never heard of these careers before are are actually interested in them now, and can SEE THEMSELVES doing them someday!  Next year, I'd love to extend this activity by having the kids research different science careers and present on them...or maybe I could have some science professionals visit the class...hmmmm something to keep in mind :)

Anyways, seeing those final products was a very happy part of my day.

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