September 25, 2010

Sweet Saturday

It seems that fall has FINALLY arrived!  This week we had two days of 90 degree weather and a whole bunch of humidity.  Don't get me wrong, I'm a summer girl at heart, but this was a bit ridiculous.  This morning I was happy to put on jeans, a tshirt, and a light jacket, and to step outside without my hair immediately frizzing and sweat ruining my makeup (the little of it that I bother putting on in the first place). While I would have liked nothing more than to sleep in, I dragged my sleepy booty outta bed bright and early to meet teacher buddy and basically soul sister teacher Miss R for a yummy breakfast at Corner Bakery.

Okay folks, here it is.  As much as sometimes it bugs the heck outta me to talk about school on the weekends with friends, sometimes it is just SO WONDERFUL to compare notes with someone who COMPLETELY understands what you are going through at your job.  Miss R and I teach in two very different schools with two very different sets of challenges, yet we just GET each other.  A bowl of swiss oatmeal & fruit, hazelnut coffee, and good conversation was the perfect start to this fall day.  Then, since I was already up I figured I might as well be productive, and did a Trader Joe's run, stopped at the library, dropped off dry cleaning, got my car washed at one of the local elementary schools, stopped in walgreens, and got a pedicure.  Phew!

Now, I'm about to curl up with a brand new playlist on my ipod, a plate of soy nugs and bbq sauce from Trader Joe's (because even vegetarians need chicken nuggets sometimes!), and a big ol' pile of grading.  tje former two make the later one just barely tolerable. ;)

Other projects for the weekend: figure out some revising lessons to teach next week in Writing Workshop (something that should be somewhat of a challenge since I forgot my writing mini-lesson books at school...oops!), respond to my students' journal entries, and begin thinking about some expository mini-lessons for October.  I just ordered Ralph Fletcher's Craft: Nonfiction book from amazon, and I've got my fingers crossed that it will bring me lots of ideas and information!!

Happy Saturday!

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