September 13, 2010

"I SWEAR I'm not an idiot..."

One last quick post before bed, because I cannot rest until I recount this stupid idiot moment of my morning...

I was expecting a phone call from a parent about an incident that happened with her child Friday which resulted in him being sent to the principal's office.  So when the phone rang at 7:50, I wasn't surprised.  I picked up the phone, said good morning, and heard a fast "parent voice" say, "Hello Miss Teacher, this is Mrs. _______."  Let me clarify the ______.

Miss Teacher hears: "name of parent she expected would be calling"
What the parent actually said: "name of completely different parent that only sounds SLIGHTLY similar"

You can imagine what ensued...oh, you can't?  Let me elaborate:  Miss Teacher proceeds to talk to the parent as though she was the parent of the Friday incident child, describing what had happened and growing confused when the parent knows nothing about this.  Miss Teacher assumes the child simply didn't TELL the details, and is disappointed.  Miss Teacher quickly begins to realize that the parent is confused, and says, "Wait, who is this?...Oh dear, I must have misheard you when you said your name..."

Yikes.  Open mouth, insert foot.  ANNND how's that for professionalism?  :-/
Go ahead and laugh.  I know, only I would do something like that...

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