September 21, 2010

Mid-week busy-ness

This was one non-stop day.  One of those door duty before school, common planning meeting during your 1 and only 1/2 hour special, making up math tests with students at lunch, parent meeting right after school, principal meeting right after THAT, no time to pee until 4, forget to eat lunch, making 240 copies of club applications at 5, crazy kind of days.  Phew.  I just got exhausted again reliving it.

Busy as it was, there's no time to be exhausted on a day like this!  Not until I was in the car driving home, kicking off my heels next to the pedals, and cranking up the music that I realized how tired I was.  The only way to recover was by watching a little Grey's, enjoying a diet coke, and icing my sore ankle.  (Oh, I slipped on the stairs at my friend's apartment building Saturday night and rolled my ankle.  Yes, my right tibia is still recovering from a now 8-week stress injury.  Obviously, I rolled the LEFT ankle.  Now I have pain in both legs.  But it gives me an excuse to teach on a stool. :)  But I digress...

We did another great science activity today that showed how salt water is denser than fresh water.  It turns out it you add food coloring to water to help you see it better, and drop a droplets of fresh water into a cup of salt water, you can actually see each drop float back up to the top!!  If you put enough in slowly, it will actually form a layer on top.  How awesome is that?!  The kids were really into it.  I love when they get as excited as I do about an activity.  Hey, I love that I have a job that I get excited about!  Yes, the lab was a lot of extra work and was part of the reason I missed my lunch, but it was worth it.  I also love that the kids fight over each other to help me clean up.  Seriously, you really want to wipe down the table with paper towel and dry out all of the plastic cups?  oookay then... :)

Tomorrow is a 1/2 day in-service which, while potentially boring, is always a nice change of pace mid-week.  It's always nice to go out to lunch and be guaranteed an entire lunch period free of students.  I always end up keeping a few in with me because of missing homework or behavior, and while I know that it's my choice to do that, it's nice to have a day of lunch with grown ups. :)

And as if this week weren't busy enough already, I have my first observation of the year Thursday afternoon.  Yikes!!  While I have gotten nothing but positive, supportive feedback from my principal since I started this job, I'm a little unsure of how this lesson is going to go.  He will be observing Writing Workshop, and while I know my lesson plan is DYNAMITE (seriously, it's a good one), there is a LOT of potential for things to go wrong in WW, especially since we haven't done it in over a WEEK.  So I'm a bit nerve.  Also, we are doing the observation lesson IMMEDIATELY after a fire drill (our first of the year).  I'm talking principal is bringing his notes, etc. outside for the drill with him and accompanying my class back to our room right after.  Hmmm...honestly, I picked the day for this observation.  What was I thinking?  Keep your fingers crossed that we have no melt downs during the drill and everyone reenters quiet, calm, and ready to WRITE!!!

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