December 23, 2010

2011: Planning Ahead :)

At my school, we are all about "SMART goals."  And by "all about" I mean that we are both given them and told to write them.  However, they are RARELY achievable, as the acronym specifies.  For example, when filling out an RTI document on one of my MANY struggling readers, the SMART goal I was told to list was that he will read at grade level by the end of this year.  I teach fifth grade.  This child reads at BARELY a first grade level.  Huh...achievable...totally...

ANYWAYS, excuse my snarkiness, but honestly...I decided to write some SMART resolutions for this year.  What that means, basically, is that my resolutions will NOT be things like "work out more," or "get more sleep."  Those are resolutions that get immediately abandoned, mostly because there is no way to keep them!  More sleep?  What does that mean??  Even though my SMART resolutions will likely be overshadowed at some point by other impending deadlines and responsibilities, the organized list-maker in me loves listing out ways to improve my life at the start of every year.  :)

In 2011, I will:

School Goals

  • Research grad school programs and select a Reading Specialist Masters program that works for me, both financially and logistically;
  • Make time for Read Aloud in my classroom at least 4 days a week, if only for 5 minutes;
  • Spend no more than 1 night per week at school until 6 (at the latest!);
  • Use a formative assessment strategy like Exit Slips at least once a week;

Fitness Goals

  • Continue following and complete Hal Higdon's 1/2 Marathon Novice training plan, and subsequently complete the Disney Princess 1/2 Marathon;

Being a Grown-Up & Living a Happy Life Goals

  • Set aside at least 1/2 an hour every single day just for myself, and use this time for reading, exercise, or just relaxing with some music;
  • Develop a budget, and stick to it!  To be "measured" using or some other means that works for me (I guess another resolution should be to find some sort of budgeting tool!);
  • Find & move into an apartment that I love and can reasonably afford;
  • Cook a healthy meal for myself at least once a week (and by cook I mean actually prepare, not just assemble on a plate.  And no, oatmeal doesn't count... :-/ )
  • Take my vitamins every day :) maybe not all of these are TRUE SMART goals, but they're a start at least!  Anything I'm missing? What are your resolutions for 2011?

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