December 21, 2010


Confession #1: I'll admit it...I went into school today.  :(  I guess I really can't stay away from that place for too long!
My lonely car in the snowy parking lot...

Confession #2: I actually LOVE going into school on days off.  Wait, let me explain before you form judgments...I do NOT love spending time at school during breaks, but I love how quiet it is when I do go in.  I can sit and file in peace, I am not at all rushed or having to watch the clock, I don't have to worry about hogging the copier or waiting in line...I can simply get me work done peacefully and head out when I feel like it!  

This afternoon I just stopped in briefly.  Mostly, I needed to pick up my class fish, Fighty, and save him from impending death by starvation.  While there, I inevitable found other things to occupy my time!  I purposely didn't bring my grading or computer, because then I'd really settle in for the long haul!  Today I just hung up some more ISAT signs on the ever-growing clothes line (pictures to come), filed transparencies and handouts from the past two weeks, and started copying ISAT reading practice passages.  GROSS.  It's that time of year, though!  And I know I will greatly appreciate having taken the time to copy them now when we are back in the thick of things in 2 weeks!  I will probably go in again once or twice next week to move desks, continue copying, and do my plans for the next week or so. Plenty of time still, though!!

Confession #3: While at school, I gathered all of the leftover candy that had been brought for the Holiday Party and put it in the candy rewards jar.  But not before I picked out all of the mini dark chocolate candy bars and put them in MY personal candy stash....*evil laugh*  That's totally ethical, right?

Of course, I made time for some wonderful things today!  The best part was definitely hanging out lazily with my brother at the gym today.  My brother lives in Florida with his wife, and the two of them are visiting for the holiday.  I brought them both to the gym with me as guests today, and after my brother and I finished working out (his wife is WAY more hard-core than us!!), we decided to reward ourselves with an HOUR of lounging in the club hot tub and chatting.  It was wonderful to spend some time just the two of us, and SO unbelievably relaxing!!  At one point I noticed that the sign by the hot tub warned against spending more than five minutes in the tub...oops!  Oh well!


  1. I am always constantly amazed at how many teacher blogs I read where they can just go into their schools whenever they feel like it. We can enter at 6:30 a.m. on school days and must leave by 9 p.m. (why anyone would want to be there that late is beyond me...)

    I have friends who can enter their schools all weekend/summer, etc but we can't. Perhaps our admin is just psychotically paranoid...although to be totally honest, it doesn't really bother me that much because it forces me to take the much needed time to relax and rejuvenate.

  2. I actually can't go into school anytime, but I wish I could! Not that I love spending my free time at school, but it would be nice to get to go for an hour or two Saturday mornings once in awhile instead of having to stay late during the week! Our building is open from 6am-10pm during the week (last year [my first year] I actually did stay until 10 once--and NEVER AGAIN!!). The building has select hours during the break that we're allowed in, but I don't think too many people will be using them...

    But you're right, it is nice to be forced to relax!


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