December 20, 2010


A lot of people have asked me recently what I'm doing over winter break.  My response is usually a blank stare.  What am I doing?  RELAXING, duh!!!  No, I'm not traveling somewhere warm and exotic.  I have no exciting plans to visit far-away family.  My goals are very simple.  First, relax.  Second, catch up on school work.  And third, and perhaps most important, do something wonderful every single day.

What kinds of things might those be?  Let me illustrate:

Friday:  My wonderful thing was catching up with my two best friends/roommates from college.  No, we didn't do anything fabulous.  Just went out for drinks and conversation.  But it was wonderful to see them both!

Saturday:  Saturday's wonderful things included staying in bed until noon--unfortunately I was awake at 7:45, but I THOROUGHLY enjoyed the lazy time to read, watch a movie on my laptop, and catch up on reading some blogs--simply bliss.  Another wonderful part of the day was enjoying a 45 minute swim (my first time in the pool after a LONG hiatus!  I forgot how much I adore swimming!), and some evening shopping.

Sunday: Wonderful moments included a cookie exchange party (YUM--nothing says winter break like a midday cookie meal!!!) and a FABULOUS nighttime long run.

Monday: Today was simply wonderful.  Featured on the wonderful menu were manis and pedis with the wonderful Miss R and a relaxing evening yoga class.

My toes mostly look dry and icky in this picture, but I promise that they are FAR more wonderful now than they were pre-pedicure!  Thank you, wonderful manicurist!
Winter break always FLIES by.  I am determined to savor every moment this year.  Yes, there will be some school work (mostly because a wonderful gift to myself will be having everything ready to go when we get back to school!), but there will be lots of NON-SCHOOL WORK happening too. :)

What wonderful things do you have planned this winter?


  1. Elmo here.
    My break has included many ginger cookies, playing with my neighbours' young children (an afternoon of play-doh = bliss), and never waking up before dawn, EVER!

    I hope you're enjoying 2 weeks of freedom!

  2. My wonderfulness has been ALONE time. Seriously, I never really realized how much I need some "me time" until I was on my leave last spring (and had lots and lots of it).

    We aren't doing anything really exciting over the break either but enjoying each other's company and being able to stay up late during the week to watch movies, sleep in and just be with each other. It is priceless.

  3. Elmo, your break sounds fabulous! yay sleeping in :)

    Sunny, I whole-heartedly agree--that time is priceless!!! I think it should be mandatory that all teachers spend at least half of their break laying around and just plain relaxing.


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