December 8, 2010

Oh my addictive personality...

Where have I been for the past few days?  Duh!  Reading Twilight!  Actually, make that Twilight, New Moon, and just started Eclipse tonight.  KNEW I should have waited until winter break to read these!!!  Literally reading while eating breakfast, reading a few minutes before the morning bell rings at my desk, reading during plan time, lunch, at the gym, you name it...I'll be the first to admit it, I have a serious addictive personality...but book addictions are a-okay, right?  Maybe?

Other than Twilight, school is exhausting but no real complaints...just eagerly counting the days til winter break!  Just started a new social studies unit, to be blogged about soon.  Half-marathon training is fine, just the occasional tibia soreness (after 16 wks is my stress fracture FINALLY healed?  dare I even dream???)...aside from the miserable freezing cold, I have no real complaints.  Well, except the usual: crazy kids, kids who can't read, looming ISAT tests, you know...all in a day's work. :)

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