December 27, 2010

Winter Wonders, cont.

Wonderful Moments from the Past Few Days

  • A much needed haircut
  • An outside run (well, run/obstacle course/adventure...nothing like running dodging icy patches!)
  • Christmas Eve mass
  • Celebrating Christmas with my family
  • An afternoon of family board games
  • Yoga
  • Finishing a good book
NOT wonderful was my Sunday long run.  Somehow I had the brilliant idea to eat a bowl of HEARTY lentil soup 2 hours before the'd think that would be enough time to digest, but you would be wrong.  There is NOTHING like running on the treadmill contemplating throwing up in your towel, I tell ya...but I made it through and everything stayed in my tummy.  

Am thinking about heading into school tomorrow to start getting my act together...but maybe not...can't seem to find motivation to open my school bag either... ;)

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